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push jerk vs. push press

What is the difference between a push jerk and a push press?

when you’re doing a push press, you don’t have to have your dick out

A push press is similar to a standing barbell shoulder press except that you use your legs to impart added momentum to the bar (but the heels of the feet remain on the floor). A push jerk is similar to a push press except that the heels rise off of the floor, which results in added momentum to the bar when compared to the push press. In both cases, the knees bend only a small amount.

The recieving position on the push jerk is normally with legs split. If the jerk had the feet about shoulder width apart and no split then it would be a squat jerk.

split jerk receiving position - split legs
squat jerk receiving position - full squat position
push jerk - as previously indicated/sometimes with partial squat receiving position
push press-as previously indicated

in the push press you use your arms to help you lift the weighht like in an overhead press as well as your legs while in the push jerk you get under the bar with hands locked out as soon as possible after the initial push from the legs and arms. laters pk

Yes. Any jerk move catch with arms locked out.

push press - should be just a cheating military press, but some people seem to do them with a lot of leg drive so it becomes like a jerk press or something
anyway no dip - its basicly a military press with some help from legs.

push/power jerk, has a lot more leg drive and is a lot faster, and you can dip down to lockout the weight. It feels like jumping to me.

Ughh, some of these replies.

Push Press, dip, drive, press.

Push Jerk, Dip, Drive, Catch in about 1/4 squat position.

What some of you are refering to is a military with “knee kick”…not a push press.

Check out Jim Schmitz’s video and manual.

i checked out the bsu website: http://www.bsu.edu/webapps/strengthlab/home.htm

apparently the only difference between the two is the foot positioning, the press with same initial leg position and the jerk with the split position. both use legs and upper body push.

mental lapse on my previous response.

the difference occurs between a regular press, jerk, and the push versions.

laters pk