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PUSH Fitness Tracker (Tendo Unit)

Any of you guys heard about this? It seems to be a poor mans tendo unit. You download the app on your phone and the device syncs with it and can tell you the speed of your reps among other things. It should be coming out this summer and is available for pre-order at $149. They’re still beta testing it.

Seems pretty interesting to me and I can see it being a good tool for those who do volume based training.

I haven’t heard of this specific one, but I know Chris Duffin uses what he calls, a poor mans tendo unit, and apparently he’s pretty strong. You may check out his website, he gives some info on in

Just looked it up. Its called the gymaware and its over 2K! Seems pretty impressive though.

I honestly didn’t think it was that expensive or I wouldn’t have posted what I did, my apologies for that. Mr Duffin does have some cool videos where he posts the GymAware information