Pursuit of 'Shuh Yeah-Yuh!'

Hello everyone! It has been years since i have been on here, or the Figure athlete forums i guess is more correct. I have spent the last couple of years finishing up my masters degree in nutrition and dietetics. Technically i graduated this June (but still finishing up little requirements) so now i can focus a bit more on my workouts and diet! i really hope that some of the same girls are on here, i missed you!
an update on the personal stuff: I have found the love of my life! he is such a sweetheart, loves me for me, and is a real man :slight_smile: he has been the highlight of my last few months, so, get used to hearing about him!

I am living in redlands, so if anyone wants to workout together, lemme know! i need twists to my workouts. i am also job searching in the OC area over here, or LA, either one. I really hope to get a job by the end of next month.

As my title says, i am in the pursuit of “shuh-yeah-yuh!” That is the phrase that i shout after accomplishing something i work sooo hard for, it is my victory dance i guess you could say.

SO! My goal for the end of this year is doing a bikini comp in the NPC division, amateur of course, but i am sooo happy that they have developed it! i have done some figure comps but had a very hard time keeping enough muscle on in addition to leaning out enough. it was either one or the other.

Anyway, my current goals in my workouts were to retain the strength i gained, but also to increase endurance. This means that most of my compound exercises are done pretty heavy in a lower rep range, and everything else is done in moderate to higher reps, 12-15.
my pride is my strength so i LOVE doing the traditional deadlifts. my max last week was 175lbs at 4 reps :smiley:

For now i am focusing on seeing my abs, they have been hidden for what seems like forever! so this week i am keeping my diet more consistent, adding 45 min cardio 4-5 days a week, and keeping my strength training the same.
also i am focusing on my ass a LOT. I consider it my weakest point and want to make it my greatest strength and asset. so here we go!

any tips or motivation are MORE than welcome!

oh, and a recent pic of how i am lookin

Looking good.
How tall are you? weight? ago?
nice to have you!