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Pursuit of Gains


Went for a run today, a goal for 2021 is to run an easy 5k (holding a conversation easy) so i guess i might aswell get started on that, got in 2k before taking a small break and then finished the 3k… I dont want my running to take away from my strength training so im taking it real easy.

11/1/21 AM press day

  • Warmup
    Agile 8
    3 rounds of:
    20x10 presses
    20x10 rows
    20x10 oh extensions
    1m plank

  • Floor press - rows - side planks w/tricep extensions
    20x20 - 20x20 - 12x2.5
    20x40 - 20x40 - 12x2.5
    20x50 - 10x50 - 12x2.5
    8x70 - 5x70 - 12x2.5

Press felt stroong today, first time in a while hot damnn.

Last set of rows ended up as pendlay rows.

  • JM press - curls - planks 10s variations
    3x15x20 - 3x15x20 - 3x7
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11/1/21 PM workout

  • Warmup
    3x20 banded dislocations
    3x20 pull aparts
    3x20 banded chest press

  • Dips / Dip bar row
    5x10 SS

  • 1 arm chest fly alternating

  • Kroc rows alternating

Nothing like going to bed with a back/chest pump

12/1/21 lower deadlift day

  • warmup
    Agile 8
    3 rounds:
    20x10 Single legged toe touches 10/leg
    20x10 Bulgarian split squats 10/leg
    20x10 Hip thrusts
    6 10s Plank variations

  • Deadlift - plate shoulder rotation - jump squats - 10s plank variations
    20x50 - 10x10 - 5 - 7
    5x90 - 20x10 - 7 - 9
    5x90 - 20x10 - 10 - 10
    6x90 + 6x90 alt grip - 10 - 10

Didnt really feel like going too heavy today.

I have no idea what these shoulder rotations are actually called, swung up from one hip down to the other, 10 reps and then 10 reps behind the neck.

Plank variations - normal plank, lift 1st arm, lift 2nd arm, lift 1st leg, lift 2nd leg, left side plank, right side plank, right knee tucked plank, left knee tuck plank.


  • 1 arm snatch - Rdl - banded rows - wall sit
    5x10 - 20x50 - 20 - 40s
    10x10 - 20x50 - 20 - 60s
    15x10 - 20x50 - 20 - 60s
    10x20 - 20x50 - 20 - 60s

Snatch with a weight plate doesnt feel quite as good as kettlebell, but it does the trick.

Im going to start tracking progress from next week, probably 531 style using the closest variations to the primary lift i can, Floor press, axle deadlift, standing press and hopefully a back squat if possible, if not ill settle for front squats.

13/1/21 AM run

  • Warmup
    Agile 8

  • run
    3.7k route, ran a bit more than 3k and then walked the rest

Doing a proper warmup before running really smoothens things out.

The Agile 8 in general, before my training sessions lately has been really nice, havent had any issue getting into positions, and just feeling a little more loose, but not so loose that i cant hold tightness in my lifts, nice simple and effictive drill.

  • Warmup
    Agile 8
    3 rounds:
    15x10 Plate preess
    20x10 Plate row
    20x2.5 External rotations
    30/side Side planks

Last week said 20x5 on external rotations, that must be a typo considering how hard this was lol

  • Press - high Bent rows - side tricep extensions - plank
    15x20 - 20x20 - 20x2.5
    10x30 - 20x30 - 20x2.5 - 60s
    8x40 - 14x40 - 20x2.5 - 60s
    5x50 - 8x50 - 20x2.5 - 60s
    10x30, 5x5 myo style

Beat last week of 5x45, so thats nice.

Myo set - did 10 reps, rested 10breaths then did 5x5 with 10 breaths between sets

Started with side plank tricep extensions but my shoulder was bugging in the side plank so i changed it to 2 exercises

Felt so damn sluggish today, but pretty good workout after all (ate a whole lot of cake yesterday, so im blaming my sluggishness on that)

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14/1/21 PM workout

Seated shoulder circuit with 5kg plates

  • lateral raise - Bent rear delt raise - Arnold press
    31 - 29 - 25

  • z press - supinated row
    15x20 - 20x20
    10x30 - 20x30
    10x30 - 20x30

Wanted to try out z presses, felt like my back wanted to round when i press, guess im just trying to compensate for lack of strength, crazy how much strength comes from the legs even in a strict Ohp, the z press really is a humbling lift… Low rows to the belly button definitely easier after a big dinner :sweat_smile:

  • tris and bics 10s rest pause w 20kg plate
    Oh extensions - 13, 7, 9
    Plate curl - 21, 10, 7

Biceps way stronnger than tris on first set but then tired out way faster lol

  • jumped down to 10kg plate
    Tris - 31, 11, 9
    Bis - 27, 14, 19 (May hve cheated a few)

Feels like im gonna have sore biceps tomorrow…

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Did not know the Z press, but looked it up and it seems an interesting variation to throw in. It also trains the core somewhat does it not?

15/1/21 AM squat day

  • Warmup
    Agile 8
    3 rounds:
    20 squats
    20 swings
    20 thrusts
    1m plank

  • back squat - RDLs - plank
    20x20 - 20x20 - 60s
    20x40 - 20x40 - 60s

Havent done back squats in a while, wanted to start with those… Limited by what i can throw behind my head obviously.

Beating 7x70 on front squats is the goal

  • Front squat - RDLs - plank
    10x50 - 15x50 - 60s
    8x70 - 15x70 - 60s

Reverse curled the weight down from the front rack position, surprisingly my arms cant hold 70kg, so i banged the weight into just above my knee, couldve been bad if it hit my knee right on.

Hit my goals for top set, and it feels like i did alot more than i actually did lol, really wanna get more volume in tho, im starting way too light, considering i do the light highrep warmup too.

Yeah definitely, taking the legs out makes the core work alot harder to stabilize the weight

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  • Warmup
    Agile 8

  • Plate press - plate row - plate skulle crusher - plank side bend
    30x20 - 30x20 - 30x10 - 10

  • Floor press - row - side bend
    10x30 - 10x30 - 10
    10x35 - 10x35 - 10
    10x40 - 10x40 - 10
    5x47.5 - 5x47.5 - 10
    5x52.5 - 5x52.5 - 10
    10x60 - 5x60 - 10

  • Floor Press - chinups EMOM
    10x3x47.5 - 10x3

This is what ill be doing for the next 3, probably 6 weeks.

Was thinking about doing FSL or BBB, but I really like “dynamic” style EMOMs, so im doing that, with FSL weight and Chins on press days, normal pullups on squat/dl days. Optional BB workout later in the day, usually only upper days.

This is the first time i get try a workout in my new squat rack, i can actually get the weight out of a rack, not having to hip thrust the weight up :heart_eyes: Now i just need a bench, so thats the next project.

Im really concerned about the noise tho, metal banging against metal, not sure thats what my neighbours like to have as an alarm clock… Gotta find some ideas to keep the noise down, ill try wrapping some tape around the bar.


  • Warmup
    Agile 8
    3 rounds

  • Plate swing - lunge - hip thrust - plank
    20x20 - 20x20 - 20x20 - 60s

  • Deadlift - Bulgarian SS (10x30) - ab rollout (8)

  • 10m FSL EMOM w/ pullups
    10x2 pullups

Pretty sure im going to die on week 3 with this, time will tell.

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19/1/21 PM workout
The plan is to do chest/tris on upper day and back/Bis on lower days, but I couldnt fit it in yesterday, so today im going through it all

  • Incline pushups - bw row
    20 - 20
    20 - 20
    20 - 16
    20 - 13
    20 - 18

Grip started to suck hard, switched to ø40 bar rather than Ø50 for the last set

  • Alternating chest fly press

  • Alternating kroc rows

  • JM Press
    9x30 (+10 CG presses)

  • Bb curls

Was too lazy to lower the weights… Slight cheat curl hehe, i really want a curl bar, wrists really Hurt on these

  • Oh Extensions

Wanted to try the 30-10-30 set that i read about on these forums, probably not doing it right, did 1 rep with 30s negative, then 10 reps, then 30s negative on the last rep. The last 10 second were really unpleasant… Gonna read up on these and then i might start using them as finishers.

Forgot that i got dumbbell now, so i can go heavier on my unilateral exercises, and do curls that dont destroy my wrists.

That’s dedication - good work. You will sleep well tonight.

That’s dedication - good work. You will sleep well tonight.

Thanks, it’s hard to find excuses when theres a gym in the house :smile:

Did not sleep well at all lol, woke up numerous times during the night and took a while to fall a sleep again, i’ve always been a bad sleeper and just when i think i find something that works, it usually only lasts a couple days.


Was supposed to go for a run today, but the weather is crazy right now and i was really tight this morning, so i did a yoga style follow along thing on youtube, i could do like 10% of the things in the video but i did loosen up abit.

Actually I have found that for me, a hard session can make for a lousy nights sleep - and it gets worse when I train at night. It is like the body can’t tune down and relax or something.

Yeah i get that, sometimes im more fired up after a workout, but other times im ready to cash out and hit the pillow… It just seems to be quite random, i’ve also tried stretching, meditating, late night walks, no electronics 2 hours before bed, reading before bed, eating at different times before bed time, and usually whatever i try might work for a couple of days but then it stops working. There was recently posted an article on sleep here (https://www.t-nation.com/supplements/26-sleep-hacks-what-works-what-doesnt) im going to go through that and see if i can take something from it.

Thanks - will have a look at that, tips are always useful

Managed to fit in a quick run of 2.2km, feels more fulfilling to plan out a route that i can actually run, rather than going for a longer one where i have to walk most of it.