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Pursuit of Gains

15/11/20 AM testning deadlift today
Sleep has been off last couple of days… I wake up with pain in my arms and shoulders, not severe pain, kind of the same pain that i get if i sit down for a while and my leg falls asleep, but still not quite the same… I think it’s from the manual labour that i’ve been doing lately.

No music at the gym, most light is out, constant beeping sound because their software is broken, thank god im getting a headset for christmas

  • Warmup
    20x20 kb swings
    20x20 kb squats
    20s roll out

  • deads

160 didnt move, went down to 150

Grip really starting to suck, time to hook or strap i guess

100x20kg kb Cleans alternating

No water at the gym, had to head home early for a shower

Gyms shut down here in Denmark, guess im not testing my squat and press anytime soon.
I found a steel bar that i can use as a bar, it doesn’t quite fit my plates but it’ll work for now i guess, gonna test it when i get off work, with some front squats, cleans, presses etc, i might have to install a pullup/dip station somewhere, not sure if i want it outside or inside the house, inside more comfortable, outside more awesome, and more comfortable in the summertime.

Soon enough i’ll be done with my renovation, or atleast done with everything that i need help with, so that’ll free up some time, having to prepare things for the plumber/electricians has been a big stressor lately, sleep has been absolutely trash, overthinking, overstimulated… surprisingly im not exhausted enough from working 16 hours a day, i would expect to fall asleep instantly but nope, funny how things work.

The weird numbness in my arms, elbows and shoulders that wake me up a couple of the times in the night is still here, no pain when im using my arms, keeping the blood flowing.

Hopefully updating my workout here later.

Didnt get time to work on the axle, ended up at my parentes place with my old weight set, got some work done with this.

Circuit 1 - 10 pushups, 20 dB squat, 20 DB swing, 30s plank 4 rounds

Circuit 2 30kg Bb - 10 presses 10 Cleans, 10 front squats, 10 ab rollouts 4 rounds

Circuit 3 50kg Bb - 5 clean and press, 5 Rows, 5 front squats, 10 ab rollouts 4 rounds

21/12/20 quick workout

Pull aparts
Tricep exts
Band press

As many sets as it takes to get to 200 pushups
24, 21, 19, 17, 16, 17, 15, 20, 15, 13, 13, 12

20 Banded rows, 20s hollow hold between sets

Was running late, so i started cooking, so the rest times were quite random.
Had to do fisted pushups, wrists are so sore today… Pushups never fail to give a decent pump

Having a hard time finding time for proper workouts these days, atleast im getting something done i suppose.

Sleep is still shit, waking up after 3-4 hours with arm cramps, and then sleeping for ½-1 hour before waking up again, repeat till i gotta get up like a zombie.

Quick workout… Sometime after christmas i should be able to get some kind og setup going so i can do a somewhat proper workout, this sure as hell isnt giving me what i want from training, it does feel pretty good tho, light banded stuff and bw stuff, but high rep gets boring.

Banded circuit 5 rounds
20 curls
20 good morning
20 squats

Alternating sides
5X20 Leg ext
5X20 Ham curl
5X20 Arm curls

Got around to play with my bar today, did a couple of BW workouts last couple of days that i didn’t bother logging, very limited space to workout in, but i got some work done… i also found out that one of the plates i bought (25kg) is missing a ring in the center, guess i gotta fix that, being a machinist paying off.

  • Cleans (no idea what the bar weights, not alot tho)

10x20kg bulgarian split squats between sets

  • Overhead squat

10x20 Single legged DLs between sets

  • Shoulder press/rows
    30kg - 12/15
    40kg - 7/8
    40kg - 5/8

  • BB Curl/ JM Press
    20kg - 13/11
    20kg - 12/14
    20kg - 13/14

I’m going to make some kind of a “yoke rack” or whatever these things are called, with adjustable height so i can use it for pullups/rings, and also use it as a squat/bench rack, that should litterally set me up for anything that i could ever need, and it’s easy to take it outside if the weather is nice.

Got a quick late night session in

4 rounds of
25x60 “Trapbar” deadlifts, using plates as handles
25x20 Push press
25x20 Narrow stance squats

Alright back to logging hopefully, jumped on the weight yesterday, 95kg, alot of it is probably Water weight, but im gonna start being more mindful, not tracking, just skipping all the extras, see where i end up, and then probably doing a proper cut.

Agile 8
20x20x10 plate press
20x20x10 plate row
20x20x10 triceps oh
30s plank

Floor press - row - plank
20x20 - 20x20 - 30s
17x40 - 15x40 - 30s
15x45 - 13x45 - 30s
12x50 - 11x50 - 30s
8x55 - 8x55 - 30s

Hip thrusting the weight up… I made a squat rack during holidays but I dont have room for it right now… Its just chilli g under my bed lol.

JM press - curls
3x15x20 - 3x12x20

Pushups - band pullapart
5x10 - 5x20

Plate fly press - alt bent rear delt raise
20x10 - 12x10
3x15x20 - 3x12x10

Front pec raise - lateral raise
3x20x10 - 3x20x5

Trying to go heavy on deads with this awkward bar today.

  • Warmup
    Agile 8
    20x20 Plate swing - 20 jump squats - 30s plank 3 rounds

  • Deadlift - bulgarian split squat - plank
    10x50 - 10x10 - 30s
    5x70 - 10x10 - 30s
    3x90 - 10x10 - 30s
    3x110 - 10x10 - 30s

Had to do alt grips for this fat bar when it got heavier.
This felt like 140kg with this bar lol

Front squats - Single legged dls - planks
3x 50x10 - 20x10 - 50s

Goodmornings - step-ups - biceps - planks
3x 20x20 - 10x20 - 15x20 - 50s

Holy hell front squats is hard with a thick bar… Everything is harder, hopefully its just a matter of getting used to it, if not i guess ill have try make a real bar…

AM shoulder

  • Warmup
    Agile 8

  • 3rounds
    10x10 Seated presss
    10x5 Seated press
    20x20 rows
    20x5 external rotations
    30s side plank w/ tricep extensions Each side

  • Press - pull aparts - side plank with tri extensions
    10x10 - 20 - 12
    20x10 - 20 - 12
    30x10 - 20 - 12
    40x8 - 20 - 12
    45x5 - 20 - 12

Triceps finisher, OH extension dropset into banded pushdowns

I woke up feeling amazing today, still battling with some arm/shoulder numbness but it helps when i get moving.

  • Quick PM pump workout, 5kg plate each hand
    10 lateral raises
    10 Bent rear delt raises
    10 front raises
    10 Arnold presses
    10 curls
    10 oh extensions
    5 rounds

Hey - a fellow Dane - whadayknow, that makes 2½ of us her (that I know of).

Welcome :slight_smile:

Your training actually looks a lot like mine - perhaps not surprising as we are making do with what we have at home. Will follow your log.

Sorry, have just skimmed your log, so have probably missed this - but why are your bar fat? What you using?

Hey, that’s awesome! Thanks for stopping by.

Yeah, it is a bit primitive… but it’s not really that far off what i would do if i had everything available, i like to keep things simple.

Sorry, have just skimmed your log, so have probably missed this - but why are your bar fat? What you using?

I’m currently using a Ø40 steel pipe as a bar, i have a Ø50 aswell but haven’t been able to use it yet, but i can only imagine that’s even worse… but atleast my plates wont be all over the place.

8/1/21 AM

  • Agile 8

  • 3 rounds
    10x10 Bulgarian split squats
    10x10 Single legged toe touches
    20 Hip thrusts
    30s Plank

  • Oh squats - plate swing - planks
    10xbar - 10x20 - 30s
    10x10 - 10x20 - 45s
    10x20 - 10x20 - 45s
    10x30 - 10x20 - 45s

  • Front squats - plate swing - planks
    10x50 - 10x20 - 45s
    10x60 - 10x20 - 45s
    7x70 - 10x20 - 45s

Zoned out on 70, get stuck in the bottom of the 8th rep… Safeties would be nice, had to drop the bar on my legs and then try to curl it off of me.

Going to finish up my utility room this weekend, then i can get started on my spare room and make a better homegym, i am missing pullups and back squats :sadface:

I have made great progress while training from home (since March), not having all the machines and stuff, has really helped focussing on the basic old school stuff that just works.

So a homemade bar and some Ø50 standard plates?

Good stuff man.

Yeah, that’s all i got to work with right now, i made a squat rack last weekend, hopefully i can get it up this weekend if all goes well.

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9/1/21 got up early, that must be my body begging for a workout amarite

  • Agile 8

  • Snatch practice

One of the plates were litteraly a few millimeters from slippin off… Im gonna break something if i dont get plate locks soon.

  • Clean and press

Weight slipped to the side again, time to stop these kind of movements with this bar.

  • Snatch grip RDLs

10 pushups between sets

Have you considered getting a real bar? (that would solve both the thickness issue and you could get cheap locks easily)

I consider that everyday, i just didnt plan to invest too much, since ill probably go back to the gym when it opens up…

Locks shouldnt be a problem, im just too lazy to get some ordered… Atleast for my Ø50 bar.

Yeah, get that. Did I read somewhere that you were a handyman? Couple of these could probably work in a pinch

Yeah i guess i am, i also work in a workshop as machinist so i could just make something at work… I actually think i have a pair of those laying around, it only becomes an issue when i do explosive movements like cleans or snatches, ill try them if i dont get around making something better.