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Pursuit of Gains

Yeah, i was supposed to do it all in one go, but had to take like 10 small breaks :joy:

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Massbuilder Wave 1 Week 3 Day 3

  • Strength set
    Cable SA Pulldown 10 - Deficit Deadlift - Burpee bar touch 5 - Russian twists 6x20
    Deficit Deadlift - 12x60, 9x70, 14x80

  • Technique set 4 rounds
    KB SS 6x20kg/side
    Squat 8x70
    Russian twist 6x20

Switched between lowbar and highbar to feel the difference, the unrack and lockout stability felt alot better on highbar, probably because it’s what i’ve always done, but i felt alot stronger on the lowbar.

  • Assistance
    Zercher squats 40kg
    90s squat, 90s rest, 60s squat, 60s rest, 30s squat

First time doing zerchers, probably should get some elbow sleeves for these, but overall they felt pretty awesome

  • Conditioning EMOM 10m
    Pullups/Burpees/Pushups/Mountain climbers
    Min 1, 1 rep. Min 2, 2 reps, up to 5 reps and then back down.
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Massbuilder Wave 1 Week 3 Day 4

  • Strength set
    DB Rows 8x40 - Paused Bench - BW ManMakers 5 - Side plank 30s/side
    Paused Bench - 15x50, 10x60, 8x70
    Rest 90s

Just realized i used my 1RM comp bench 1RM to calculate the weight, not bad i guess. One mistake tho was, i was supposed to pause at my sticking point, i just paused at the chest.

  • Technique set 5 rounds
    Chins 5x1x20kg
    Strict press 5x35
    Face pulls 30s
    Rest 60s

I only had a 20kg plate to strap on for chins, so i had to do a small reset every rep, couldn’t do 5 in a row.

  • Assistance Add/Drop set
    Bench 40kg 5 reps
    add/drop 5 kg and do another 5 reps, up to 55 kg and back down to 40

  • Conditioning Deck of cards
    Hearts - Burpees
    Spades - Pullups / Inv rows (1-5 pullsup, 6-10 inv row)
    Diamonds - Lateral jump squats
    Clubs - Pushups
    Done in about 30 mins, this was a challenge, especially when i get 3 high cards with the same shape, 29 burpees in a row almost killed me… Fun challenge tho, should’ve timed it.

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Massbuilder Wave 2 Week 4 Day 1

  • Strength set
    Front squat - jump squat 10 - RKC plank 45s - Burpee pullup 8
    9x55, 7x62.5, 8x70

Lost count, mightve been 9.

  • Technique set EMOM 10m
    Deadlift 3x70
    RKC Plank remainder

  • Assistance
    100 alternating Split squats

Nice and quick workout, was in a rush so skipped conditioning.

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Massbuilder Wave 2 Week 4 Day 2

  • Strength set
    Chins 8 - Push press - KB Chops 8x20kg - jumping jacks 90s
    Push press - 10x35, 8x40, 10x47.5

Band snapped on chops, so i did some kind of a KB chop/swing thing insted.

Beat last wave by 1 rep ayy

  • Technique 4 rounds
    Rows - 8x65
    Bench - 8x65
    Flutters 60s
    60s rest

Flutters are still a bitch, my lower back just dont like them.

  • Assistance 2 rounds 40s/20s
    Arnold press 5kg
    Lateral raise 2.5kg
    Face pull band
    Plate press 20kg
    60s rest

  • Conditioning pushups
    90s on/90s off, 60s on/60s off, 30s on/ 30s off
    x3 for Incline pushups, deficit pushups and explosive pushups.

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Quick conditioning workout, got in the part i missed on W4D1

Buy-in 10 Burpee pullups

8 rounds of
2 KB ManMakers followed by 10 KB Squats 20kg

Buy-out 10 Burpee pullups

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Massbuilder Wave 2 Week 4 Day 3

  • Strength Set
    KB Swings 15x20 - Rack Deadlift - Farmers 30m x 30k/hand - 10 Banded Abs
    Rack deadlift - 12x70, 82.5x9, 100x15

  • Technique set 4 rounds
    Squat - 7x90
    KB/BW Squat - 20, 10 with KB and then 10 with BW
    Banded abs - 10

  • Assistance odd/even 10min
    Odd - RDLs / Shrugs / rest 20s each
    Even - SG DL / SG Shrugs / rest 20s each

  • Conditioning 9 min
    1pullup, 2burpee, 3pushup, 4jumping jack, 5kb swings
    add 1 rep and restart
    finished with 7/8/9/10/11 after 9 miins

Massbuilder Wave 2 Week 4 Day 4

  • Strenght set
    DB Row - CG Bench - Bench abs 10
    DB row - 10x30, 8x40, 6x50
    CG Bench - 9x55, 7x62.5, 8x72.5

  • Technique set 10m EMOM
    Press - 3x35
    2BW ManMakers

  • Assistaance 10/8/6/4/2
    Pendlay rows 60kg
    Floor press 60kg
    KB Pullover 20kg
    10 reps, then 8, then 6, 4, 2 no rest.

Had to workout AM today, didn’t have time for conditioning, done PM insted.

  • Conditioning 300 reps bench EMOM
    Buy-in 5 burpees
    9 sets of 15
    11 sets of 12
    3 sets of 11
    115 burpees