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Pursuit of a World Record


As I continue on my journey in the pursuit of a world record total one day in the IPF 83kg class. I prep for the commonwealth championships held in Auckland NZ this december. Here is some training highlights 5 weeks out. Hope you enjoy it.


that is some sick lifting man. It will be a pleasure to watch your journey and see you smash the record one day.


Thanks. Still got a long ways to go!


Crush it! For Canada! (and by proximity, the US)




Seriously strong, good luck!


Incredible lifting!


Thanks for all the support everyone, I appreciate it.


Great lifts overall, especially impressed with your bench press. Incredible upper body strength at that bodyweight.


I agree. Most impressive lifter currently on TN imo.

You have very nice form on all 3 lifts. Any particular cues or methods you use to have such solid form on them? The more detailed answers the better.


Wow thats quite the compliment haha. I don't think I'm at that level yet, but I truly appreciate the support. In terms of how I train, I train with high volume and high frequency. Getting to point Im at right now took some time to build up the capacity to handle squatting 3-4x a week, benching 3-5 and deadlifting 1-3. Technique has always been a huge priority of mine and is a big reason I can train as much and as often as I do because it limits the risk of getting injured. I almost never fail a rep in training (like <5 a year) and if I do it just grinds me for weeks after haha. Part of that is being super competitive wether it be with my own programming or my own body. Failing reps teaches poor movement patterns and increases the chance of injury and inhibits recovery. Another big thing is almost all of my training is done using the competition lifts. Accessory movements are all compound movements for the most part for the exception of prehab exercises. Secondary movements are used to build weaknesses in the competition lifts and improve technique and don't replace the competition lifts in my training. I hope that makes some sense.


Sheiko more or less then. You and Ben Rice both seem to have found a ton of success with that style.


Vid says it's blocked in my country (I'm in Texas).


Not sheiko per se. Similar philosophy. Personally I found sheiko either too easy or too much in the same intensity zones to stick with it long term as a specific written program. My training is definately of similar trains of thought though.


Are you trying to watch it on mobile? for some reason Youtube doesn't like when I add music to my videos.


Rider Nation! Wear a green shirt.... PR everytime! Nice work man very impressive.


I am. What's your YouTube page name?


C Lutz. For some reason you can watch it on mobile through the link in my log (on another site) but not right on YouTube I don't get it.


Unfortunately not ipf approved :frowning: haha


I'm curious what you do for assistance? Do you just use several "back off" sets for them since your volume is so high on the competition lifts?