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Purpose of MRPs?

Could someone tell me what the purpose of MRPs is? Am i missing out on anything?

Meal Replacement Powder=Convenient, tasty way to replace a meal.

Right, i know what it does. What i really want to know is what justifies spending all that money on it?

Actually, when you factor all things in, MRPs are not any more expensive than food.

If you are trying to eat several small meals throughout the day, MRPs are great for a variety of reasons:

1. convenience

2. liquid nutrition - I like to more or less alternate solid with liquid meal throughout the day. It makes eating the amount of calories I need throughout the day easier.

3. It's an easy, concentrated source of protein and vitamins.

In the end, it's food, but it is convenient and it doesn't fill me up as much.

Its actually cheaper then food. Lets take Grow for example its $39.96 for a 2lbs container it has 32 servings 39.96/32= $1.25 per servings I think MPR’s is much cheaper then real food!!!

Also just like to add. You lose a lot of nutreints when you work-out. So when your done working -out a MPR is the quickest way to replace what was lost.

I’ll echo what Jason is saying; if you do the math and are shopping in the right places, you’ll find that MRPs are often cheaper than real food.

You got a point there, $1.25/meal is pretty good. Where can i get nutritional information on GROW?

On this web site…duh…

I somehow managed to miss that link :wink:

click on the “store” when you on T-mags home page it will take you directly to Biotest home page then click on GROW.