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Purpose of Bag Suspension Spring


As an update, I didn't go away, I just let my last thread go fallow while I hammer out some results from my current MMA club membership. Last week the instructor who most often teaches the kickboxing classes said I was making progress, it is just the problem to try to get in often enough, but that is another story.

Didn't go in today as I hoped, but instead did a shorter than in the club session with my home equipment.

When I got around to bag drill, I was as my video attests (no I am not posting it) sitting down into stance and going better for a fast pop, but that isn't why I started this thread.

It turns out at the beginning of the second round the bag came crashing to the floor. I had a non standard way I set up the suspension chain assembly in the first place. The stand, even with about 5" in wood planks to raise it a shade higher, has a bit of a drop because there is a heavy duty spring that is intended to interface between the bag's chain assembly and the steel swivel nib with the hole in it that protrudes out the bottom of the horizontal support beam.

If I factored in the full length (and therefore height) of the chain assembly from that the damn bag would hang too low. How I got around this was to take a padlock and bunch together the links of the chain assembly to sort of crimp them close, and therefore make the bag hang at an acceptable height.

I know this is dragging on, but the padlock was sitting with this arrangement up against the spring, and at one point today I suppose a hit on the bag leveraged it against the spring and the bottom hook of the spring snapped off. I won't call it a shitty stand, I just buggered with it to my needs and this is what I get.

finally, I could likely arrange the padlock through the steel nib higher up ( or find something at a hardware store that is more suitable) , likely yielding a great hang height, but I wonder if the spring actually served a purpose mitigating jolts and therefore extends the life of the steel nib, which when that goes I have to go back to the drawing board to hang my bag and likely not have something as good.

So, I never see springs in fight clubs, does it serve a real purpose?


The spring is necessary if you are hanging the bag from the ceiling rafters. If you hang a bag with a wall hanger from masonry or from a metal bag stand then they are not necessary. For heavier bags I like to use a deck suspension spring which you can pick up at Home Depot for about $10. They wear out a little faster but have slightly less give so they can give aome relief to the rafters without the bag bouncing up and down a whole bunch.