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Purpose of Anadrol 50?


Ok so if anadrol 50 works so well at giving size and strength gains but they are so fleeting ... what is the purpose in using it even with an injectible test based cycle. No doubt it works I love what it does for ego in th gym if not anything else but ... after all is said and done, other than kick starting a cycle , what is it good for long term ?

Just asking .... I have just stopped a 10 day run with anadrol 50 at 100mg a day. Its been a few days and I still feel as strong and look the same but I dont kid myself I know it will be fleeting ... I eat well and take 250mg of Test E one on fri and one on mon for a total of 500/week.I am on my 5th week of a Test E cycle. I have 7 more weeks to go till I taper.

Work outs while on Anadrol are insane... you literally can work a body part again the very next day ... and make progress... If you train with someone else they kinda notice that they havent recovered and here I am doing the same body part and making gains in 24 hours. I dont practice training a body part so soon after but I felt like I could and I was right I made progress in strength from going to total failure on a tripple drop set for my triceps.

The next day I did even more on the same excersise.I dropped the same amount on each set but I took my last drop 5 more reps than the previous day. I didnt do the first two sets to failure just to where I dropped the day before.
I swear Anadrol is very addictive. But all good rides come to an end. Its a dayum shame lol.
Nothing like anadrol.

I am rambling but was just wondering what it is good for long term in a cycle. Will the cycle be more effective in the end if so that would be a plus.



I dont think that anadrol has a place in regards to long term use. It is far to toxic to be used past 6 weeks. But as you stated above it will make you blow up and gain strength like no other. I guess its main purpose is just to act as a kick start.

By using injectable test and other longer estered drugs you hopefully will be able to keep more of your gains in mass and strength from the anadrol. It is a great drug but should never be ran solo.


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Holly shit the lights just turned on in a big way after reading that. I have read tons about what to stack with what. But nobody put it in a way that from one read the lights totally went on. Everyone goes on and on in a huge technical way of how things work together for synergy. I found it hard understand. Bushy thank you again for your informative break down for us n00bs.


Yeah, well put Bushy that's some good info right there.


I just wanted to add that, for me too, the lights went on, and that is a great way to put it dirtbag, as that is exactly what it felt like when I read it. Bushy, is there a link or book where someone could read more about Class I Class II etc. steroids? I am now very interested. Thanks.


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Bushy....you should write a freaking book man. I have also read many many articles on class I and Class II steroids but none have made as much sense as your short blurb there......definitely a print and save.


While stronger from Anadrol, your nervous system will adapt to heavier weight, and those adaptations will survive past the end of the cycle even if you lose a lot of the muscular strength.

The bloating from the Anadrol can also act to stretch the fascia of the muscle and possibly give your muscles more "room" to grow in the future.


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I have a freind who uses Anadrol 50 up to 150mg but.... ONLY before he works out takes 3 hours or so prior. He works out 3 days a week Total body. He is much older than I am he is about 55 he takes only 250mg test E once a week. and has been for at least 18 months. Doesnt want kids< obviously> Cycles off. Usually once every 6 months but hasnt in quite some time. The guy is in great shape. Uses anadrol only on work out days . He works out extremley intense.

He goes one month on drol and one off But a month "on " is only 12 days durring a 30 day period then 30 days off. I did ask him about his liver. He takes something he called Liv52 whatever that is. I guess its a liver support suppliment.
He gets blood work done every 6 months he says his liver is ok so far. Just wondering if he is headed for trouble. He has been taking Anadrol for the last 5 months as I described.