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Purple Rain


Sat in with the bird the other night and decided to give this a watch.

To be honest the movie is cliched and the acting a tad hammy.

But fuck me gently.

That soundtrack.

Every song on it is just sooo beastly.

Probably the album of the 80s.


I prefer Huey Lewis and the News...


I clicked this expecting someone to claim Prince died. You are a tad late viewing this one.


Jack, the movie isn't to be watched for the fine acting. It's about seeing Applolonia Kotero naked and listening to practically perfect soundtrack.

This came out the summer before I was a senior in HS and it brings back a lot of good memories.

Prince is, was, and always will be a badass.


What does sitting in with a bird mean? You watched it with your woman or parrot?


Fuck yeah


Saw purple rain in a theater at one of those midnight showing kind of things. The theater experience really added to it. 1. The entire theater cracking up because its fucking hilarious, and 2. The sound system.

The mary jane didn't hurt any either.






Both Prince and Apollonia's ass have been ahead of their time since they came into this world.


Movie was essentially one long music video. Like him or not, Prince is without a doubt a musical genius and probably one of the greatest musician/artists of all time. Period. He's now 3 decades strong and still going. Amazing career. I just downloaded this soundtrack onto my Iphone/Ipod two weeks ago. He may have questionable fashion taste, might be a bit effeminate, and even probably even curls in the squat rack of his private gym in his mansion, but there's no doubt he's the man and has macked primo poonani over the years.


I agree with this post that this guy made.


I would go gay for Prince, except I'm not entirely sure Prince has a gender.


oh... purple rain.


I met Prince at a sex club like ten years ago. He hit on my fucking girlfriend! (quite the compliment to me!) He is SHORT! Seriously, the mutherfucker is like three feet tall LOL. He is a MACK, though... Seriously, that dude has some serious sexual magnetism. In person it's even more powerful than it comes across on the screen - and his music was made to fuck to.


Sooooo....Angry Chicken had a MMF with Prince(not surprised). On topic I've been a fan since 1999 & Little Red Corvette. Purple Rain the movie will get you laid and will get you in the mood to listen to one of the best soundtracks ever created. Also you gotta love a movie that had Appolonia's ripe tits on screen.

I've been to one Prince concert about 6yrs ago and It was one of THE BEST concert experiences I've ever had in my entire life. His stage presence is unrivaled. He is doing a tour of the US now and If you have never seen him in concert I would suggest you do so. He is pitch perfect for all his songs. And there are women all over the damn place at his concerts.


From the title I thought it would have lead to this by now.


I went to that concert he did right before 2000 (the one he couldn't play his own song Party like it's 1999 because it was owned by a record company that wouldn't allow it) and I have never seen that many women from ALL nationalities in one place. I mean, honestly, the man is like the United Nations for butt cheeks.


Sadly it seems that most people my age (20-25) don't appreciate him, at least the ones I know. Hell, even in other age groups the only person I know who likes him is my former guitar teacher and (to some degree) my older brother.
Went to one of his O2 concerts in London about three years ago, as well as to the aftershow. It was absolutely amazing. It's sad that you rarely see such a combination of high level musicianship and showmanship anymore.



My sister in law met him while working in a hotel he was staying at.

She said he was the strangest or most unusual guy she had ever met. He had an air of royalty about him with minders and PA's running around at his every whim. Said he also had a strange smell (good smell) emanating from him and his room, probably extrait perfume de Prince, a sexual pheromone that he emits to attract women! She also couldnt get over how small he was.

I suppose that is the same with all celebs, larger than life on TV then when you meet them they are not what you expected. I met Gustavo Baddell once and he is 'small', height wise that is!

Remember that rumour about Prince having some of his ribs removed so he could suck himself off!