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Purple K Creatine



A friend of mine recently bought some "Purple K" creatine pills. I have never heard of this product before and I was wondering if anybody has taken this stuff. Personally I think the stuff is bogus, they market it as a wonder drug. Let me know what you people think



Doesn't "Purple K" make Superman speak Spanish while doing a manly dance?


Junk I got a TON at the 04 olympia and it did nothing after I finished it went to regular monohydrate and of cours =e it worked.

Thats nmy take


I think you should just use plain old creatine - nothing fancy.

There was a fairly recent article about creatine - just do a search and read it.


That's "Mauve Kryptonite". Purple Kryptonite makes him dress like a woman and dance the Macarena until either one of his heels break or he loses control of his bowels.


Great Rao, I hope no one's standing behind him. The sheer power of the Last Bowel Movement of a Dying Planet could kill us all!

It's a turd!

It's a...

(Yup, took it too far.)


yeah, that makes sense. The thing is, the ingredients in the pills are just creatine monohydrate, gelatin and glucose. You guys should check out the site, it's hilarious.

"I did purple K and my strength sky rocketed with no loading and no bloating"
-ronnie coleman


I saw a guy do some K once and he thought it was coke. He snorted a big fat line and ended up in a K hole on the front lawn of one of the best parties I'd ever been to=Drunken country girls.

Stay away from that shit!

Oohh we're talking about creatine.....just stick to regular monohydrate. I mean that all joking aside, I've "researched" purple K and just about every other new creatine product on the market. Most are way more money then regular creatine with very very little more to show in terms of benefits. Save your money for more food or protein powder.