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Purple Drank



This looks pretty interesting. Has anyone else seen/heard/tried this?


No comment.


I wouldn't touch the stuff, it's full of artificial flavorings that I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. My friends say it tastes gross, and you can get the same relaxing benefits from some chamomile or valerian tea.


lier! haha


i can't find a list of ingredients online anywhere....i figured it's full of non-optimal 'stuff'.

i just like the idea of a calming drink to toss back instead of alcohol. not that there is anything wrong with having a few shots of wild turkey at night :slight_smile:


This is an obvious ripoff of the real purple drank. Which I've tried with a bad bout of bronchitis and it deffo let me sleep through the night. There is a tamer formula using OTC Robitussin, but not the same as with codein.



Sugar, water, purple.




Purple stuff always loses to Sunny D, every time.


How can they make a product called "Purple Drank" and subtitle their website "Slow Your Roll" instead of "Slow Yo Ro'!"


I thought it would be a twist on Dave Chappelles skit about orange jrink and perple jrink., but apparently not.

They're realy just taking advantage of urban hip-hop culture wannabes by marketing some pricey crap to a bunch of suckers who have proven that they will blow inordinate amounts of money on an image.

[/cynical rant]


Yes it will sell. How 'bout a combination of Red Bull and Purple Stuff. Nah Yea Nah Yea


in my system that promethezine
havin you sayin shit that you dont really mean

i never did purple drink, thats some Texas shit.

but basixly all it is is codeine/promethazine

prescription cough syrup mixed with soda and jolly ranchers for flavor.

but in Boston we have our own version and thankfully not too many people do them (i think)

but ppl here including myself at one point would do a lot of Klonopins and Xanax which basically make you a zombie. i used to snort Codeines too when i did them. if you did Klonopins they would stay in your system for like 3 days so if you ever drank or smoked weed withen that time you just get fucked up again.

not the proudest time of my life but thankfully im past all that.




Is that like, a can of lean?


Lolz no way man you know you can't be mixin' uppers and downers like that!

Cough syrup, I've had, and that shit made me hallucinate crazy things, like my best friend fighting a bear. Lean, I've had, and it just made me want to sit and stare into space forever. I don't know how some ppl go crazy over that feeling, I just felt like a loser. shrug


smokin out, pourin up, keepin lean up in my cup....Anyone?


So what (legal) alternatives are there to things like this? Something that one could have 3-4 nights a week to put them in this relaxed state?

some sort of tea?
-i've tried melatonin, but just came off using 2mg for about 180 days; and didn't notice a daaang thing.

"what the fuck is grape JUICE?!"


Great, purple Brawndo.


stryofoam cups....lean, syrup, barr....

get mixed with all kinds of pills too.

Not my cup of tea yo.