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Purple Bicep


I need help. I have a friend who I play softball with who has had a series of little shoulder problems. About 4 times he's popped his shoulder either throwing or landing on it and not being able to lift it above 90 degrees for a week or two. Last time he landed on it he basically had a limp arm and woke up with a huge bruise.

He's in his late 20s, used to have a cannon from 3rd base when he played in highschool and hasn't been lifting weights for several years so its not some built up imbalance.

As far as I can tell, he didn't do anything chronically to precipitate it, but just slightly tore it by chance a year ago, and now does have a chronic problem.

Any recommendations.

Anyone had success with active release and is there any reason for it.

I know that #1 is to see a doctor, but he doesn't even want to do that unless he thinks there's something that can be done.

Thanks guys.




Don't know if this will help but...

I had essentially the same symptoms: huge bruise on my upper arm, front and back, and could not lift it to 90 degrees. There was even a little sack of blood just above the elbow.

For me it was a torn pec, which is healing and re-habbing now.

I strongly recommend your friend see an orthopedic immediately. I was told that if mine had been a major tear that is required attention sooner than a week.

I was confused since the pain and bruising was not in the pec area. You just never know. That's why its best to see a doc.

BTW, now, a month later, the blood has drained into my forearm.


thanks, what did you do for rehab?


1st week
-No lifting.

2nd week
-Avoided any chest and shoulder movement for one week. (did leg workouts)

3rd week
-light incline presses (20-40 pounds)
-This brought back full flexibility with a minimum of pain.
-Started full workouts again except for chest and some minor changes such as lat pull-downs (chin grip) instead of pull/chin ups, etc. Anything that stressed or hurt the shoulder/pec was modified. I am still not squatting; doing leg extensions instead. Although I can do calf raises. It is hit or miss regarding what will strain the shoulder/pec area.

4th week
-Same as 3rd but adding weight to incline press: 60-80 pounds.

I see the doc again in two weeks. He will either declare me ready to start lifting heavy (slowly) or recommend surgery if he isn't happy with the way it is healing.



Rest, ice, elevation, stretching.


i would take glucosamine chondroitin. i have had many shoulder problems from when my shoulder poped out of place during wrestling season. my shoulder still is not the same. but its healed and alot better than it would of been thanx to this stuff. my doc was saying i wouldnt be able to use this shoulder like i used to. but now its all good and i can use it normal. so take normally about 500mg 3 times a day b,l, and d. u should be able to notice a change after a week.


also lots of ice and ibeprofen(sp)