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Purely Strength For Massive Gains?

Hey Everybody. I’m 16 and have been seriously working out for about 11 months now. I have read many articles from both T-Nation and bodybuilding.com. I’m a light guy, I’m about five feet six inches tall and weight only 133 pounds.

I know that I should lift heavy in order to build a base. And I have basically lifted in the 5 to 8 rep range for many months but I have used basically a “bodybuilding” type training style this whole time and have never really used a training program where I specifically worked for strength for a while.

I currently want to start a program where I do just this and I am wondering if this is the right way to go. I will work out about 3-4 times a week(High Frequency /managing fatigue), concentrating on Bench, Squat,Military Press, and the Deadlift. I will mix up variations of the exercises and keep the volume relatively low so as not to burnout.

My Question is if this workout will be effective for adding mass because it only consists of 14 sets for the whole body working in the 1-4 rep range. Also how long should I stay on this program and what should I move on to afterward. Thanks.

A couple quick thoughts…

You don’t have any horizontal or vertical pulls. Yes DL’s are great for the back, but need some pullups and a row in there.

Also, if you have never trained in the 1-4 range, only the 5-8 range, you may want to work your way down there. Maybe spend a month in the 3-6 range.

Anytime you are lifting heavy weight with compound movements, and are getting adequate food and rest, you will get stronger, and therefore bigger. However, this will only work for so long before you will need to change things up again. Some people only get 3-4 weeks out of a workout, others can get away with 6-8 weeks. It’s very individualistic, and you’ll learn through trial and error.

Yeah i actually added another workout to it. I have two workouts, workout 1(the one i put) and Workout 2. On workout two i put different exercises to keep things different. It consists of lunges, chin ups, dips, and calve raises. The volume is somewhere around 18 to 30 reps per exercise depending on the size of the muscle. My cycle is W1, day rest, w2, 2 days rest,repeat…