Pure Tribulus Herb


Anyone here ever gotten tribulus testeris herb before? It just looks like a bunch on thorn type herbs. The company I purchased it from says to make it as a tea, but doesn’t specify how much. Anyone know anything about it? It was only a couple a dollars for 100g, so I thought I’d get it.


Read this. Posted yesterday.


Trib powder can be used to make a tea, decoction, or tincture. And that’s likely the weakest to strongest way to extract the good stuff. Never tried a tea myself, but I can’t imagine it’s going to be very tasty even though it is a “fruit” - and with straight powder you’d better get used to drinking lots of it to feel any effect.

Trib, horny goat weed, velvet bean, and damina (all reputed to induce testosterone production) can all also be smoked for their effect. I would imagine this is with a coarser product than a powder. I know that some of them can be extracted into a tarry substance (particularly horny goat weed) so I can see where this would be HIGHLY concentrated. I’d love to hear from someone that “smokes up” prior to a workout or as part of a post-workout routine…

If you’ve not purchased the powder already do yourself a favor and spend a little more on a more concentrated standardized extract. A 10:1 extract will cost about 3X as much, a 40% standardized extract will be about 5X the cost (but far more effective with far small doses). There’s links in the article mentioned above (which I am rather familiar with myself :wink: )

Stack your tea with DHEA and ZMA for best results.