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Pure Speed Workout 3 Days a Week?

I have a simple speed workout I like to do at home, but my training already consists of 2 days of speed work and 2 days max effort. Is it okay to add extra speed work in the other 3 days or do I need to let my body recover if its just some speed work I want to do. And will it affect my gains (speed/strength/hypertrophy) if I do have an extra 3 speed days filler?

The workout looks like this:
12 X 3 Box jumps
12 X 3 Explosive press ups to higher box

speed for what?

[quote]Airtruth wrote:
speed for what?

Bench and squat, hence push ups and box jumps.

why do u need 5 days of speed work?

if your trying to get your maxes up, then 3 pure speed days a week will do very little if not nothing more then 1 day a week. YOu would be better off with repetition/hypertrophy day. IMO

There’s some stronger lifters on here you can wait for them, but in my experience theres no point.

[quote]bignate wrote:
why do u need 5 days of speed work?[/quote]

Thanks for your replies everyone. I just enjoy working out, I figured that more max effort days will bring hell on my CNS, so a few more light speed days for fun, might even improve my lifts without being too much. Am I wrong?