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Pure Punishment


Height - 5'10"
Weight - 170 lbs.

I have recently started a new workout a week ago that I got from Arnold's Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding. I've had a history of working out but have always slacked over the years on my legs. This has hindered my growth. I had a cardio plan in place that I was stacking with this workout although Leg days set me back 3-4 days of soreness. Saying my legs are weak is an understatement. I am currently taking GNC Recovery Protein, with a strict diet of healthy carbs, consuming about 2500 calories a day.

I've also began taking Noxipro as a pre-workout suppliment that increased my lifts. Before I began this workout I had taken a few months off due to a Ligament tear in my left ankle. Over the past week I've already began increasing weight on the workout. I had to start roughly light to gauge where my strength was. If anyone has any advice on a good protein and mass builder that has shown progress please share. This is the workout log for the past week, any thoughts and advice towards my workout is greatly appreciated. This picture was taken today after my leg workout. Hopefully will see some significant gains with this workout.

Morning Cardio Workout 17 Mar 2011

Type Treadmill Run
Time 29:00
Incline 0% Grade
Distance 4.0 Miles

Evening Weight Lifting 17 Mar 2011

Bench Press 2X6 185 lbs., 3X6 175 lbs.
Flat Bench Flies 5X10 35 lbs.
Incline Dumbbell Bench Press 3X10 40 lbs., 3X10 45 lbs.
Cable Crossovers 3X10 30 lbs., 3X10 40 lbs.
Dips 1X15, 4 X 10 Bodyweight
Dumbbell Pullovers 5X10 60 lbs.
Cable Rope Crunches 1X25 80 lbs., 1X25 100 lbs., 1X20 120 lbs.
Medicine Ball Russian Twists 3X10 10 lbs.

Morning Cardio Workout 18 Mar 2011

Type Treadmill Run
Time 26:00
Incline 2% Grade
Distance 3.0 Miles

Evening Weight Lifting 18 Mar 2011

Lat Pulldowns (Front) 6X8 100 lbs.
T-bar Rows 5X10 110 lbs.
Seated Pulley Rows 1X10 100 lbs., 1X10 112.5 lbs., 1X10 125 lbs., 3X10 137.5 lbs.
One-arm Dumbbell Rows 5X10 40-60 lbs.
Straight-leg Deadlifts 6X10 95-145 lbs.
Standing Calf Raises 10X10 Bodyweight
Side Crunches 5X25
Leg Press Calf Raises 3X10 210 lbs.
Back Extensions 3X10 Bodyweight
Decline Situps 3X10 10 lbs.

Evening Weight Lifting 21 Mar 2011

Squats 6X10 135 lbs.
Leg Press 6X10 190-290 lbs.
Leg Extensions 3X12 90 lbs., 3X12 95-105 lbs.
Leg Curls 4X12 70 lbs., 2X10 70 lbs.
Barbell Lunges 3X10 45 lbs. Barbell
Leg Press Calf Raises 1X15 210 lbs., 1X10 230 lbs., 1X10 250 lbs.

Evening Weight Lifting 22 Mar 2011

Seated Barbell Press 1X10 95 lbs., 5X10 115 lbs.
Dumbbell Lateral Raises 6X10 20 lbs.
Rear-Delt Lateral Raises 2X10 5-10 lbs., 3X10 15 lbs.
Cable Lateral Raises 3X10 12.5 lbs., 2X10 25 lbs.
Barbell Curls 6X10 65 lbs.
Close-grip Bench Press 1X10 95 lbs., 1X10 115 lbs., 4X10 135 lbs.
Seated Dumbell Curls 5X10 30 lbs., 1X8 30 lbs.
Pushdowns 3X10 62.5-87.5-112.5 lbs., 3X10 125-150 lbs
Dumbbell Concentration Curls 3X10 30 lbs., 3X8 30 lbs.
Barbell French Press 6X10 30 lbs.
One-arm Tricep Extension 3X10 15 lbs., 3X10 20 lbs.
Leg Press Calf Raises 3X15 230 lbs.
Barbell Forearm Curls 3X15 45 lbs. Barbell
Decline Weighted Situps 1X8 25 lbs., 1X7 25 lbs., 1X6 25 lbs.
Decline Russian Twist 3X10 10 lbs. Medicine Ball
Cable Rope Woodchoppers 2X10 50 lbs.

Evening Weight Lifting 23 Mar 2011

Bench Press 5X8 185 lbs.
Lat Pulldowns (Behind Neck) 1X10 112.5 lbs., 1X10 125 lbs., 1X10 137.5 lbs., 3X8 150 lbs.
Flat Bench Flies 2X10 35 lbs., 2X10 40-45 lbs., 1X8 50 lbs.
T-bar Rows 3X10 130 lbs., 1X10 135 lbs. 1X10 140 lbs.
Incline Bench Press 3X10 135-155 lbs., 3X8 165 lbs.
Seated Pulley Rows 2X10 125 lbs., 4X9 137.5 lbs.
Cable Crossovers 1X10 37.5 lbs., 1X10 43.75 lbs., 4X8 50 lbs.
One-arm Dumbbell Rows 2X10 55 lbs., 3X10 60-70 lbs.
Dips 5X15-13-12-10-9
Straight-Leg Deadlifts 6X10 95-155 lbs.
Dumbbell Pullovers 2X8 65 lbs., 3X8 60 lbs.
Weighted Sit-ups 3X10 25 lbs.
Decline Weighted Situps 3X8 10 lbs.
Cable Rope Crunches 1X25 100 lbs., 1X25 125 lbs., 1X20 137.5 lbs., 1X15 150 lbs.

Evening Weight Lifting 24 Mar 2011

Squats 6X10 155 lbs.
Leg Press 3X10 210 lbs., 3X10 230-270 lbs.
Leg Extensions 3X12 110 lbs., 3X12 130-150 lbs.
Leg Curls 3X10 70 lbs., 3X10 75 lbs.
Barbell Lunges 2X15 45 lbs. Barbell, 1X15 55 lbs.
Barbell Wrist Curls 3X15 45-65 lbs.
Leg Press Calf Raises 1X15 270 lbs., 2X13 250 lbs.
Decline Russian Twists 3X20 10 lbs. Medicine Ball


So 5th day straight of this workout and starting to feel stronger and recovery times are becoming shorter. Workouts take roughly 2.5 hours so trying to keep the intensity high. Noticing no gains in weight, so my calorie intake needs to increase. Also, workout is done as supersets. Etc.-Barbell press/Lateral Raises.

Evening Weight Lifting 25 Mar 2011

Seated Barbell Press 4X10 135 lbs., 2X8 135 lbs.
Dumbbell Lateral Raises 6X10 25 lbs.
Rear-Delt Lateral Raises 4X10 20 lbs., 1X8 20 lbs.
Cable Lateral Raises 3X10 19.25 lbs., 2X10 25 lbs.
Barbell Curls 5X10 65-85 lbs., 1X8 90 lbs.
Close-grip Bench Press 3X10 135 lbs., 3X10 145-155 lbs.
Seated Dumbell Curls 4X10 30 lbs., 2X10 35 lbs.
Pushdowns 6X10 100 lbs.
Dumbbell Concentration Curls 4X10 30 lbs., 2X8 30 lbs.
Barbell French Press 2X10 35 lbs., 1X10 45 lbs., 3X8 55 lbs.
One-arm Tricep Extension 6X8 20 lbs.
One-leg Calf Raises - 5X12 Bodyweight
Donkey Calf Raises - 4XFailure
Weight Cable Rope Crunches - 3XFailure 150 lbs.


Well gonna take the night off, its well needed. Also gonna have a cheat meal and probably wind down with a really good stretch tonight to help with the recovery process. Took some more pictures of progress which are on my profile if you care to view. Tried to get good lighting and not cheat with shadows. Anyway, you all have a good one and keep up the punishment. Posting a good cardio workout tomorrow and in the evening gonna try and merc my chest and back.


Lookin good, keep it up! You definitely have the training down, just have to sort out to diet to get some awesome results with a program like that

a while back I went online and found some exercises that Arnold did back in his day from the mens-health site or somewhere and I tried it for about a week and a half before I gave up. The volume and intensity was earth shattering, something like 6 exercises for each bodypart and each exercises with 6 sets of high reps and there's supersets here and there.

I forgot to mention, the split I found hit all muscle groups twice a week. I found myself not recovering in time for the next time I was hitting that body part again so I wasn't able to keep up with the workout well. I found myself in the gym (shortest) 2 (and at longest)3 hours a day. If it works for you and you can keep up with it, more power to you! I just don't have the patience and/or mental capacity (..maybe even the muscles LOL) to stay in the gym focused on my workout that long..


Thanks man, yeah my diet needs some serious tweaking. I was looking at a forum here for mass building and got some pretty good ideas. Also, I was thinking of adding some Bulgarian Squats to the routine to add some more intensity to my legs.

As far as your past problems with recovery with this routine, I feel your pain on that one. LOL Day by day my friend.... Day by day


Well just finished my morning cardio workout and its just re-enforcement of how much I hate cardio. Been over a week since I last ran but I held up pretty decent.

Morning Cardio Workout 27 Mar 2011

Type Treadmill run
Time 22:30
Incline 1.0% Grade
Distance 3.0 Miles


Well a late wake up in the afternoon and had an interesting workout. I've reached the point of the inability to really push myself due to no spotter. Think next chest workout gonna go to the smith machine and probably add flat dumbbell press to keep up the stability muscles in my chest. Also, purchased GNC Hyperbolic Mass Gainer which had only 8 grams of suger and 710 calories per serving. Addition to that I bought a ton of chicken breasts that I cooked on the grill today for quick meals, as well as lots of oatmeal and Peanut Butter and wheat bread. Should be seeing some weight and mass gains soon. You all keep KILLING it in the gym.

Evening Weight Lifting 27 Mar 2011

Bench Press 3x8 190 lbs., 2x7 190 lbs.
Lat Pulldowns (Behind Neck) 3x10 125-137.5 lbs., 2x8 150 lbs.
Flat Bench Flies 4x10 40 lbs., 2x8 45 lbs.
T-bar Rows 4x10 105-180 lbs., 2x8 180 lbs.
Incline Bench Press 1x10 135 lbs., 3x10 155-170 lbs., 2X8 170 lbs.
Seated Pulley Rows 3x10 125-150 lbs., 3x8 162.5 lbs.
Cable Crossovers 4x10 25-50 lbs., 2x8 50 lbs.
One-arm Dumbbell Rows 2x10 65 lbs., 3x10 70 lbs.
Dips 5x15-13-12-11-10
Straight-Leg Deadlifts 6x10 135-185 lbs.
Dumbbell Pullovers 5x10 60 lbs.
Donkey Calf Raises 3xFailure
Single leg calf press 3x10 90 lbs.
Abs - 30 mins random ab work at home.


This is probably one of my favorite bands. Gotta love some Rockabilly. Enjoy!!


I hear ya dude! Cardio sucks! The only time I'll EVER run is when I walk back upstairs from the weight room to the lockers and I spot my gym bunny crush on the treadmills.

HAHA, then I'll run and chat a bit with her!

[btw that's not actually her pictured above, but she looks pretty damn close]

Keep up the good work dude


Haha. Yeah man if I had motivation like that I would run a hell of a lot more too.


Well tonight I was lacking some energy, and the gym was like Disney Land. Working my legs is getting addicting because I can't stand the weakness. Gotta push and get these fuckers strong. On a brighter note, my diet took a drastic change and in one day I already gained 4 lbs. Apparently my muscles were hungry.

Leg Press - 5x10 90-500 lbs., Drop Set back down
Leg Extension - 3x10 110-150 lbs., 3x10 150 lbs.
Leg Curls - 3x10 90 lbs., 3x10 100 lbs.
Single Leg Calf Raises - 4xFailure
BW Calf Raises - 4xFailure
Bulgarian Split Squats - 1x10 90 lbs., 1x10 70 lbs., 1x10 50 lbs.


Regretfully took a few days off from working out and my performance shows it. Did feel good to get back in the groove though.

Bench Press 2x10 185 lbs., 3x8 185 lbs.
Lat Pulldowns (Behind Neck) 3x10 125-137.5 lbs., 2x8 150 lbs.
Flat Bench Flies 6x10 40 lbs.
T-bar Rows 6x10 160 lbs.
Incline Bench Press 4x10 135-175 lbs., 2X8 175 lbs.
Seated Pulley Rows 3x10 125-150 lbs., 3x8 150 lbs.
Cable Crossovers 6x10 37.5 lbs.
One-arm Dumbbell Rows 6x10 65 lbs.
Dips 5x15 BW
Back Extensions 5x15 BW
Dumbbell Pullovers 5x10 60 lbs.
Donkey Calf Raises 5xFailure
Abs - 30 mins random ab work at home.