Pure Protein

Ok Guys…what is the final word on Pure Protein Bars. OK to eat them??? Or don’t eat them???

They taste like pure crap and i really doubt they meet up to the labels claim on protein. I would rather eat a lean body bar by labrada.

I have to totally disagree with the other two guys as far as taste goes. The blueberry cheesecake is great (maybe because I’m dieting). Supposedly they’ve made changes to meet label claims. Give the blueberry cheesecake a try. I think you’ll enjoy it.

I use them and think they taste ok. anything is better than bio-chem bars. they taste like dog shit

I have tried just about every bar out there and about the only thing worse tasting than Pure Protein bars are Met-Rx bars. Labrada’s are good. So are some of the flavors of Sportpharma’s Promax bars. (The apple pie is great.) Try Solid Protein bars by Nature’s Best. They are my favorite right now. I can’t wait for the GROW! bars to come out. I am going to ditch all the others when it does.

For me, the taste is okay… nothing to jump for joy about. If you’re all right with the carbs, promax bars taste great. As for meeting label claims, I interned with a food scientist this summer… one of his old assays was for pure protein bars. They met claims at the time when ol’ Bill was bashing them in his review. Shame on you Bill!