Pure Muscle Mass Plan for Type 2b?

Asking if pure muscle mass food choise for type 2b

Yes, it’s the perfect choice BUT wait a few weeks if you can because I’m updating all the programs and the new pure muscle program will be much better. OR buy this one, come back on the forum, I’ll send you my email. Send me proof of purchase and I’ll send you the beta version of the new program.


That’s interesting. What about people who already have purchased your programs?

That is really cool of you!

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I will just wait then.but it’s good choise for me as 2b right ?

@rymo51 he said PERFECT. What else do you want? :man_shrugging:t2:
Not trying to be a prick…

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Well, considering that thousands of people have bought programs it would be a bit complex to do. And honestly, I would only be comfortable sending the new ones to those who bought the older programs while the new ones were in the editing process (i.e. those who bought the program a few weeks prior to the new ones being available).

I don’t think it’s fair to send the new ones to those who bought programs a few months back, before I even planned on updating the line.


Absolutely. In fact I also redesigned the neurotype programs, so there will be a new 2B program too… which is very similar to the what the new muscle mass blueprint program will be.

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Are all of the neurotypes being upended or is the one that is changing the most the Type 1A/1B?

1B doesn’t change. 1B is dopamine dominant because of super sensitivity to dopamine and adrenaline (fast COMT, high methylation).

2A changed in that I now have 2 subtypes depending on methylation status

2B also has 2 subtypes depending on methylation

Has the type 2B program already been updated? I bought the original program from your site a year or two ago but saw the above post just now. Thank you.

No, they will be updated in the upcoming weeks. I will announce it on social media and it will be on the site too.

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Hi Christian,
I bought the muscle glass blueprint at the end of may. Was it already the new version ?

No, it’s not up yet

Ok thx.
Will it be a lot different ? Don’tk ask the question to get it for free like you said. I’m at the end of week 1 in phase 2 and really enjoy the process. My neurotyping test said i’m a 2A.
If the upgrade will be a lot different i think i will buy it and do it again later.

(sorry for bad english, french guy here).

All the new plans will be dramatically different. First the presentation is a lot better and detailed. Each workout day has its own workout sheet and includes a place to enter your own weights. It includes both the warm-up and work sets, the RPE for each set, etc.

And the programs themselves are based on my omni contraction systems, although the 2B and pure hypertrophy program use a more traditional bodybuilding split where the 3 main types of contractions are trained on the same workout.

And they will all be in french too.

Coach are you doing new plans for all neurotypes including type 3? I also thought you mentioned in one thread you were redoing the neurotype test itself. Is that also in the works?

All the programs, including the neurotype plans are boing redone and will be updated shortly. I’ll also have speciality programs like a bench press spec, arm spec and vertical jump program.

Ok thanks