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Hi Christian,

As I told you in the last conversation you answered, I am in phase 2 of PMM. I performed the neurotyping test which gave me the dominant result 2A (151) point then 1B (104) and 2B (101).
From what I read on your blog I think that the 2A characterizes me quite a bit and explains the goal changes that I may have had in my training (bodybuilding> Crossfit> endurance> crossfit> bodybuilding …). And I think that’s also what makes me love the PMM program with its 4 week phases.

To get to the goal of this post: I like to plan my training in advance and through your blog and podcast in which you have participated (especially quantum that I listen to regularly since) I began to read periodization documents.
I took advantage of the post COVID reductions to also buy PBT programming because the principle also pleased me, although in the immediate future hypertrophy was the number one objective.
Now I ask myself the following question: is it interesting to carry out PBT following PMM in order to pass on cycles more force and explosiveness to return then either to the update of PMM of which you spoke or to the program 2A?

thank you already for taking the time to read all of this and thank you all the more if you answer

Well the best program for you will be the next 2A program, it is not yet on the site but contact me at chris@ballisticmanagement.com and I will arrange something for you

Where is Google translator when I need it?!?!

Right here:


I got you

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