Pure Muscle Mass Blueprint: Intensity on Pyramid Sets?

CT or anyone who has experience with this program is welcome to provide input. I’m about to begin this ThibArmy program after I finish my last few weeks of PBT and was curious about the thoughts on RPE for a few exercises in the first phase. All the pyramid sets prior to the all out max how hard are we pushing those? Are they easy prep sets or are they supposed to be closer to form failure? Thank you in advance!

My best guess from having read a lot of CTs work would be,

Free weights: leave 1-2 reps in the tank
Machine compound/pulley: 1 rep short or max good reps without breaking form
Isolation: to failure

But I could be wrong. I don’t have the program.

Thank you regardless!

Here’s an example of how I plan sets with athletes I work with.

I program each day separately so I can include more details in the plan. But I’m working on a program template that will use the same structure (but it makes a 12 weeks program around 60-70 pages long).

The grey area are the warm-up sets.

Thank you Christian! That does help clarify. Have a great day!