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Pure Horse Test


Hey guys,

was talking to my good gym buddy the other day, his dad was a bodybuilder and injected pure horse testosterone (he knew a vet so he could get it).
I also know a vet and am planning to get it. Any thoughts? Anyone did this before? Any info would be nice since i couldn’t find jack **** on the forums so far


Im not sure horse testosterone will be biologically available as synthetic human test. Seems like with as the same amount of effort, you could just get yourself some real Test Ethanate.


testosterone is a particular chemical compound, and the animal or human that it is injected into has no bearing on the product. testosterone is testosterone. The only variations are the esters (prop, cyp, enth, etc)

But yea, there is no such thing as ‘pure horse testosterone’. That’s hilarious.

People have been procuring steroids from vets for decades. It’s not unusual. Tren and EQ are essentially ‘horse steroids’. They were both developed for horses, and we use them, just in different amounts, as we respond differently to the compounds.


Make sure and track down some ‘pure horse nolvadex.’