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Pure Honey + Whey Post-Workout?


I ordered Surge Recovery, but it won't be in for another week or so since I will be away from home.
So do you guys think (Pure Honey + Whey protein) is good for pre workout?
and (Honey Powder; ingredients Honey & maltodextrin + Whey protein) is good for post workout?


I go by the macro breakdown and what my goals/needs are.


Honey is mostly fructose, so I'd stick with some dextrose or pure malto.


I'd go whole foods pre workout and table sugar with whey post workout.


honey tastes good as fuck. i like to make peanut butter and honey sandwhiches


thanks for the heads up guys...will use either maltodextrin, dextrose or worst case scenario (sugar)... honey+PB sounds fucking delicious! unfortunately, i stay away from bread


You could do worse, but carbs are so cheap anyway I don't see why you wouldn't use them.


Who needs bread? I've eaten bowls full of nothing but peanut butter and marshmallow flush. I figure a Fluffernutter's even better for you without the bread :slightly_smiling:



Mix some pb + honey + cocoa powder in a bowl. Delish.


You can also use rice powder (pre-cooked/instant) Better than sucrose (rice powder has higher GL and GI) and may promote rehydratation.


I mean the rice powder for during and post workout shake.