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Pure Ephedrine

At the vitamin store I work at we sell “Pure Ephedrine”. It’s in a fairly generic, small bottle with 60 tablets - 1 tab = 25mg ephedra alkaloids from stems, leaves, etc. I can get a ton of these for $3 each bottle (that’s like 15 cents daily at 3 tabs). Since the gov’t is coming down hard on ephedra I thought I might buy 10 or so bottles.

Does anyone know about this product? Is this ephedra quality stuff? I think it’s manufactured by NVC or something like that.

I currently am finishing my MD6 (2 caps/day) but running out. I also use 200mg caffeine tabs and 8mg yohimbine alkaloid tabs together 2x/day. Once I run out of MD6 I could add in the Pure Ephedrine.