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Pure Carb Drinks with Surge?

I’m attempting CT’s carb cycling and need to add some carbs to my Surge PWO shake. Instead of milk or rice, what’s the consensus on pure carb drinks like NOW Carbo gain, Ultimate Nutrition Pure Muscle Carbs, or Opt. Nutr Glycoload. UN and ON looks like they a good helping of sugars, but Carbo gain looks good (basically just Maltodextrin)

Any problems with mixing these with Surge to meet the carb requirement?

I think so. I believe it’s been said a few times that Surge is best left as is. I’m pretty sure it’s very close to the optimal PWO blend. If you need more carbs, just bang down the carbs an hour or two later.

I really don’t think having a 3:1 ratio of carbs to protein is a problem as compared to Surge’s 2:1 ratio, particularly if you are bulking and could use the extra calories. Add malto and/or dex if you wish. However, it might be preferable to get the excess carbs from whole foods at a different time. Check with CT.