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Pure Awesomeness: Matt Kroc Bench


Watch till the end


Matt Kroc is my hero.


Very nice.


This has been posted before, but it is still intensity at its finest.


I figured it had but I searched first and didnt find it oh well


Oh well, a few more Kroc training vids never hurt anyone.


Oh yeah and the other one was bench till you bleed.



Kroc is such a badass, I like how he is laughing immediatley after that bench.

My fav kroc vid.


Hardcore is NOT appropriate for a description. We need a new word..........

This is KrocCore!

Simply incredible.


that man is truly inspirational. the squat till he pukes video is fucking awesome


Kroc is definitely BAMF. I would pay money to see a brawl between him and 200 of his youtube detractors.



must be cool to be that awesome.


Man Kennelly's been covered in blood coming off the bench since before it was cool...


300 people versus a Kroc.


No contest.


You need to learn more T-Nation culture, padawon.


I remember that picture of him covered in blood and really pissed off after a bench attempt. Fucking awesome.