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Pure, A Weightlifting Film

check it out, this is part 1.

This is great work. Thank you!

Thanks bill really appreciate it.

As someone who is transitioning from bodybuilding to olympic lifting, I liked the film, especially the progression up in weight. I was wondering though, why did you decide to film this? Do you have a specific plan in mind? The movie Pumping Iron was about bodybuilding and to open people’s eyes to the world of it; is that what you are hoping for? Great film, hope to see more of it.


Sheyko! I have a passion for weightlifting and for filming, i know that videos help reach out to people across the country what we do at the USOEC, and I wanted to present it in a modern way. My hope is to inspire others to lift and to start filming more often. thanks for asking, goodluck in lifting!!