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Purchasing Powerlifting Gear

Well I’m thinking of competing in a contest coming up in about 3 months for the first time. Was looking at elitefts metal gear, so whats the difference in metal ipf bench shirt vs the metal viking shirts, and how do they compare
to titan fury/rage shirts.

also I noticed a deadlift suit and a squat suit whats the difference there. thanks

If this is going to be your first contest and first time ever getting in gear i would definately buy everything used, you can get some really good stuff used.

As far as what gear, i would probably go with a Titan Single ply bench shirt, they are real easy to learn and not near as much shirt as a rage.

The difference between a deadlift and squat suit is the the length of the legs and how it pulls on your hips. I wouldn’t worry about getting a deadlift suit right now, just get a good squat suit and it will work just as good for you right now.

Thanks Binford, were do you find used gear.

Try Ebay. There is usually a bunch of stuff there.


The single-ply Metal IPF stuff is way overpriced for it’s performance. I’d pick up some used gear and learn to use it. Then upgrade to better new stuff. Go with Titan for bench shirts and Inzer for squat/deadlift suits. For you, getting an Inzer Z-suit or Hardcore would be plenty. They are also much easier to find used.

Ebay, MonsterMuscle, Deepsquatter, and many other places have listings for used gear.

I got an Titan centurion and it worked very good the firsttime I put it on.

I use it for quats where I get like 30kgs out of it and (sumo) deadlifts where i get roughly 15kgt from it.

But that’s just me… the boss of my team says, that she couldn’t squat with it and was more or less pulled in any direction apart from upwards, so she bought an Inzer suit for squatting… I guess everything dependson the person…

Thanks for all the replies, good information to put to good use thanks.

[quote]WORKING wrote:
Thanks for all the replies, good information to put to good use thanks.[/quote]

Definitely on your first time don’t buy the premo stuff (metal). It’s a lot of money to spend for your first time into the sport. I like all of Titan’s stuff.

My first and current bench shirt is a Inzer HPHD. I love it, but if I turn the sleeves a quarter inch the wrong way and I get major bruising in my pits. I’ve talked to others that say the Titan shirts don’t bruise. That will probably be my next shirt.

I got my first squat suit about 3 months ago. I got the Titan Superior. I couldn’t get it into a full squat right up to my competition. I got about 60 lbs out of it. I also get some bruising across the tops of my thighs. I talked to a couple of guys who agreed the Titans are too tight and switched to Inzer squat suits.

All bench shirts bruise if they fit right. Thats just part of the game. I had a titan fury that was even a little loose and it bruised me up pretty much everytime i used it.