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Purchasing Online Hcg?

Is it legit and safe? Most sites are like 200 for a kit with 5000iu just found one with 10000 and b12 for around 200. Also what will my bloodwork show. My dr claims the t wont shut me down and didnt really want to get into hcg when i brought it up. Will he be able to tell from my blood? Also they all advertise as hcg diet. Obviously same stuff just maybe marketed to keep the steroid heat off of them?

When I came to theee boards I researched the hell out of the subject. Read others posts and followed over the months. Bought books. All Before putting anything in my body . I had to grasp what everything does and how others react.

Your question tells me you didn’t read much or cannot comprehend the basics of hcg and trt.

If you had, then your comment would say “my dr is an idiot since he thinks trt alone won’t shut down my natural production”.

Self educate . Peoples suggestions can create more harm than good if you don’t understand the basis of the science behind why and when.

I know its shutting me down because my balls got the ache and are consistently tighter to my dick then they ever have been.

Anybody have a good online source? Tried two companies and both ended up cancelling the transaction. One because of some weird verification process where they sent a code but I never got it and the whole situation seemed shady. 2nd one didnt really explain just said cancelled. Will I have to use one that does the Dr consultation for hcg diet?

Illegal. Safe, probably would not harm you, if not real sterile water won’t hurt.

You could get that price at a real TRT clinic.

If it is real, increased test and E2.

Maybe qualify that, he might have meant you could go off of the test and regain your previous levels. If he meant test won’t shut you down while on it………wrong.

If he tests for hCG, yes.

The 500cal diet? If that is the marketing focus, I would think it more likely to be fake.

I doubt this site would allow anyone to post where you could illegally obtain anything. Or legally, for that matter.

That would be one option.

The dr i see is just a clown. I am probably just going to have to spend the extra money and start using one of those telemedical clinics. The only up to date thing the Dr said was that i didnt have to get into the muscle with the injection. Besides that its just 100mg a week is good and that it should just add to what my body is barely producing, but wont shut it down.

Your doctor believes TRT won’t shut you down simply because it’s a bioidentical hormone. He didn’t read that in any book or guideline, he made it up.

Doctors aren’t supposed to be doing that, if it’s not in the guidelines, it doesn’t exist.

is there any papers that show this? I know it is true and I can explain it, however having something hard on paper is harder to brush off.

That exogenous testosterone shuts down the HPTA and therefore natural production?

All anyone has to do is test for LH and FSH and if they show 0 or close to zero you are shut down. The pituitary is no longer signaling for testosterone production from the testes. Anyone on this board on TRT and not on HCG can show you their bloodwork with these two hormones no longer seen (or close).
Here is mine from July:

I pay 70 dollars for 12,000iu HCG from Defy the kit comes with bacstat water and syringe.
200 sure sounds like a big rip off to me.

What does defy usually start patients off at as far as T dose. I am conversing with defy as well as local antiaging clinics about costs. Defy seems pretty cheap

They started me a 800iu/wk two shots 400iu M/T using a 31ga 5/16" syringe sub-Q.
I have ran as much as 1500iu but felt no different so I am back to 800.

5000iu with bac water is $30 at my clinic.

Standard 100mg to start?

I believe others stated it was based on shbg and also how low a Mans free t and total t is.

I am tempted to go with them but I am worried about them getting shut down or something Then being. screwed. Just seems to good to last. Especially with the pain clinics getting shut down and stuff. Obviously they are very different things but our country has lost its mind attacking and limiting everyone’s freedoms

You aren’t going to have issues man. They can’t deny you. They service opiates like it’s candy and that hasn’t stopped in 50 years/ people who need it get it.

If you can afford it you can get it. Find a reputable clinic and your fine. Use a clinic where you never talk to a doc and run.

Defy has served something like 20k clients in 1 to 2 decades per the doctor who runs it. He stated this on other forums. He is affordable and that’s why. Volume.

If you want a doctor with less on his plate then expect to spend more. The guy I switched to was annual payment and you don’t have a monthly option.

I took the cost for the annual and divided it by 12 with med feed in mind and it came out to around 200 a month. Maybe less if no hcg and etc.

Just looked at my.lab slip for 6 weeks out and he isnt even checking E. Just TT and FT and cbc

No sense in checking E unless you are symptomatic. People see it over 30 and suddenly their nipples feel tender and they get very emotional.

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