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Purchasing on the Darkweb

Without getting into specifics of what was purchased, has anyone here shopped on darkweb marketplaces? I’ve done a lot of reading about what security measures are needed, and I find the tech-talk a bit overwhelming. I get the idea of using a VPN and Tor and bitcoin, but I find the talk quickly descends into jargon that is over my head. Curious if anyone here could break it down into basics that those of us who are not techies might understand.


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I don’t know anything about navigating the darkweb, nor do I want to, but just make sure you’re not buying Liam Neeson’s daughter when you shop for virgins.


:iphone: Ring ring…

“I have a very special set of skills…”

“Oh man. I just wanted some d-bol and quaaludes. :slightly_frowning_face:”.


How to land yourself on a government watchlist in one easy post


This guy’s a lawyer, too.

stay away from this too

*claims he’s a lawyer

I think he’s a narc.

Hey OP, are you a narc, man? I heard that if someone asks you that and you are, you have to tell the truth.


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I amend my post:

This guy has told me, on the internet, that he’s a lawyer.

@anna_5588 yeah, I don’t think anything good happens on the dark web, and given that you can find any drug you could ever want outside of the dark web, I’m finding it pretty sketchy that somebody is like “Don’t ask what I’m buying, but can you help me gain access to a place where I could deal with the worst, most heinous markets on the planet?”

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With the way some of these delivery drivers mishandle packages there is no way I’d buy a baby on the internet.

It would probably be all busted up and malfunctioning, and good luck getting parts for them.


If you’re going to buy a baby on the internet, don’t get it from China



There’s a black market for those too- conveniently nearby


They don’t have too many to spare either. the one child policy worked a little too well

Their babies are so cute though! Who doesn’t want a cute pudgy little China baby?

See? They wouldn’t need so many extras if so much stuff didn’t get broken in shipping.


Why would you need to buy a baby when you can make one at the cost of having a social life?

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Should be noted the term “dark web” is used explicitly for illigal niches. OP could’ve simply said “deep web” or “how to purchase using BTC”, “how to set up a PGP key” etc.

Interestingly enough, one can access Facebook on the deep web. If you download TOR, Facebook has a .onion link as to allow those to access FB in countries with excess censorship.

Should be noted TOR doesn’t have to be used explicitly for illigal activity.

Actually, no. Yes, it’s possible to buy illegal substances on the dark web, but it’s hardly the only niche. And, of course, one buys illegal substances on the dark web at one’s own peril; if it’s illegal to buy in an alley behind the gym, it’s illegal on the dark web or anywhere else. The deep web actually refers to everything that isn’t reachable via standard search engines like Google. This includes things like university intranets which require ID and password credentials, but also subsumes the dark web, which is accessible via Tor.

I was under the assumption deep web = available by TOR/special software

dark web = illigal niches/political activism

Yes, I’m actually a lawyer; I don’t just play one on T-Nation forums. Actually I didn’t say “don’t ask what I’m buying;” I’m saying that if anyone here who has experience with the dark web did so to acquire PEDS, I don’t care, I’m not going to interrogate you about it. I’m a lawyer, not a cop. I’m asking about the technical issues (of the dark web, that is, not buying PEDs).