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Purchasing Chain Help


Well I'd like to purchase a set of chains for my home gym and was looking to get about 100 lbs worth of chains (20-25 lb increments?). I'd like to avoid paying for shipping from somewhere like elitefts (though I've bought plenty of stuff from them and love it) and get local say from a tractor shop or maybe home depot if they have them that big. So my question is, how long (either in feet or links) of 5/8" chain link do I need to get?


I looked into this before, and you're going to be surprised when you see how expensive 5/8" chain is, plus the caribiners and other necessary pieces to make the whole system work. The way it worked out, it was not much, if at all cheaper to buy locally. Plus elite has free shipping right now.


Yah I was looking at costs and they're definitely pricey. Sadly the free shipping on elitefts does not apply to chains (or other heavy equipment) otherwise I'd buy today.


I've checked all the tractor and naval supply stores in my area and been met with crazed homeless man stares whenever I've asked for 5/8 chain. You might have some better luck, 3/8 seems to be the largest carried commercially.


Well this is quite unfortunate. I may just have to take the shipping fee hit and get from EFS.


Check craigslist and garage sales. You can also just purchase more 3/8" or 1/2" though 3/8" is the most common at tractor supply, home depot, lowes, etc. You also can make it work by hanging your heavy chain over a smaller loop of smaller chain that you hang over the bar. I will try and get a picture of my setup and post if so you know what I am talking about but you see it in many powerlifting videos. Put out a wanted ad on craigslist.


Louie Simmons used to reccomend these:
not sure if they're nearer / cheaper than Elite.


Do you live anywhere close to water? I went up to Cleveland and found a place that specailized in boat anchors and chain. They had everything from the very smallest to the largest. It was allot cheaper than any powerlifting on-line site. It was kind of funny becuase it was this big old grimey warehouse and they said they had done this before, lol.


I'm going to head up towards lake lanier this weekend (largest man-made lake in the US) and see what I can find. Assuming I find the chain, does anyone have any recommendation on how long I should buy?


a 5 foot section of 5/8 inch galvanized chain weighs about 22lbs. Just go get a couple sets from a industrial supply company and a 1/2inch feeder chain long enough for bench and squats.


here's some good info on chain, weight per foot and relative cost. I recommend Grade 30 unfinished. Any way you look at them chains will be messy. If you get plated or powder coated it will eventually chip or flake and mess up the floor, unfinished will get surface rust and get your hands dirty and leave rust marks on the floor.


I highly recommend buying local to avoid shipping. I'll second what the others have said, check out a commercial marine supply place (bigger boats not trailer boats).


I called a few places in the phone book here in Nashville when I bought my chains. Look for sling and rigging joints. The place I ended up getting them from had "used" 3/4 chain. It looked brand new when I got there. I got 12ft for $4 per foot. each 3' section weighs 25#. I just run my feeder chain thru the end link. Call around shipping heavy chains may cost a shit load so driving a few miles may be worth while.