Purchasing bands....

I am thinking about purchasing some light bands for de squat work from elitefts…I am guessing I will need to get 2 bands?

Yes, 2 bands. What’s your max squat? That will dictate what size bands you need. You might want to get a couple of mini’s while your at it. And, if you order today, they will send you a free manual ‘Training with Bands’.

My max squat is only somewhere around 250 so I think the light bands will be all I’ll need for now.

The light bands should be a good choice for now. Do a search for the topic “Bands and Powerrack” to get info on setting them up.

You don’t need bands at this point, not with a 250 squat.

I kinda agree with loop.
However it may be good change to your traing and it could help for sure.
Call Dave Tate at elite and he can help you. Tell him JackAss told you call.


Granted, core strength is not where it should be for a 165lb. lifter and I believe many lifters get hung up in the application of various training devices (bands, chains, boards, balls, etc.). I have found that many novice lifters become stagnant or bored, if you will, with simply using straight weight every cycle. At my gym, it is hard to convince the younger lifters that you must pay your dues and get your core strength up before adding in ‘accomodating resistance’ when us advanced lifters are using cycles of bands and chains. I would rather see these lifters add in a light band cycle to their squat than to see them get discouraged and quit the game.

At his strength level, light bands are fine. He just needs to make sure and wave his percentages, and cycle them with free weight. (Like three on, three off.) If he were in a place where he could use chain, I would recommend them right now, but he is in a commercial gym and has a much greater chance of getting away with bands than chain.


I agree. I think everyone should wave their percentages. I also think this is probably where people tend to deviate from Westside recommendations.

What is your reasoning for chains over bands?

What’s up Brian? It will be interesting to watch your log.

My reasoning is that I feel pretty strongly that bands take out some of the stabilization component of the lift because they are very linear, while chains enhance it because they are more dynamic. In other words, it is more challenging to stabilize a bar with chain than bands.

So for a relative beginner, I usually start contrast with chain. I think it really helps their bar control and I think it is easier on connective tissue as well.

Well I ordered the light bands. I understand where everyone is coming from and I will probably wait a little while before I actually start using them for de and just use them for some assist-recovery exercise at first (like band stomps or something)! I definitely dont see them as some kind of toy and realize that if treated as such they can end you training fast…so when I do start using them I will follow what apw said and make sure I cycle them carefully…thanks for all the input…

Chains are better than bands in some ways because they teach to accelerate the concentric without overexposing the athlete to the high demands and strain the bands place on the eccentric.

Dude… read busting ass 101. You don’t even need max concentric training with a 250 squat much less bands. If you eat huge, train a lot, and don’t get hurt your lifts will go through the roof. You could train like a bodybuilder and have your lifts go up.


Great point. Core strengthening and muscle stabilization are two areas that most beginners fail to address.