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Purchasing a Treadmill and Rower


Im thinking of investing in a top of the line Treadmill and Rower. Can anyone recommend a model and brand and also tell me why you recommend? I had purchased a $500 treadmill in the past but it didn?t standup to the rigorous use. So these two pieces of equipment will have to be fairly hardy.

Thanks again.


Concept 2 Rower. Make sure you learn to row properly. SERIOUSLY. In about a month youll be posting about back problems.

Tredmill: The outside pavement 2006. Use it. Tredmills are a very expensive way of jumping up and down. Think about it. You're not actually moving anywhere you're just making sure you don't fall off the back.


Don't know much about treadmills, but as a former rower, you gotta go with the concept2 model D.


i agree. i rowed in college (quit this semester) and that is all we used. you can look for some used ones on www.row2k.com
make sure you have good form though:
catch-drive-finish which should equate to legs-back-arms then as you go back up the slide: arms-back-legs.

goodluck, those are torture tools


I agree, the concept 2 is the best out there. As far as treadmills go, it really depends on how serious of a runner you are. First off, to get a decent treadmill, you are going to have to spend a minnimmum of about $1200.

If you want a top of line treadmill, get a True. If you still want high quality but want to spend a little less get a Vision or a Pacemaster. I used to sell exercise equipment and worked for the midwests largest fitness dealer.

If you are interested, PM me and I could probably get you a pretty good deal on that stuff.