Purchasing a Power Rack

I was just wanting to know which of these two racks would you purchase? I told my Mom that this is what I want for Christmas and they are very reasonably priced, so that rocks.

The good thing about the first one is that you are not confined inside a cage type thing so you could easily unrack the bar and set it on the floor for deads. Plus it has weight racks for the weights you arent using attached to it. It is more expensive than the second one. The good thing about the second one is it looks a little more safe for squats w/o a spotter, and as far as deads go… you could still do them, just inside that cage where it appears to be plenty of room. Another good thing about this one is that is has a chin-up bar. What do you guys think is the best choice?

Thanks… J.P.

This is a pic of the second one. Cheaper and place to do Chin-ups.

You can buy a weight tree for pretty cheap and the bars extend beyond the rack so you can rack the weight outside of the cage.

How much are they?

Deltech Fitness makes a good rack that is likely a little more expensive ($400 w/ shipping) than the bottom but is very good.

And if you have the money, I’m sure everyone will recommend an elitefts.com 2X2 rack. You sound young (your mom buying you a rack for Christmas and all), so I wouldn’t personally get something really nice if you’re going to be leaving the house soon.


Now that I think about it… My step-dad already has a weight tree, a set of plates, and an adjustable bench all out there in the garage sitting with…I am ashamed to say it…SMITH MACHINE(in which i dont use)… all I need is a bar…

I can not wait to get my own stuff so when my schedule get hectic and I start school, I can just go out to the garage whenever I want and lift big time… hahahaha. I think I am going to get a punching bag also for times of stress. I use time in the gym to train hard and sort of a place to unwind and clear my mind… Lifting is life.

Gonna be sweet when i get to bust open my shins on my own bar and bleed while doing deadlifts… mark my territory. Ok… i am getting a lil to carried away but I cant help it. I know I said that my mom is gonna get it for christmas but she said when I find the one I want, we can go ahead and order it, Christmas in July!

Thanks for your times guys.


the first one is close to $600, and the second one is just under $400, both w/shipping. Thanks for the info about the other stuff Hamster. I will look into those.


Get some padding for the garage too.

I’d venture to guess your parents wouldn’t appreciate you dropping your lifts and cracking the concrete.