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Purchasing a Good Barbell in Canada?


I'm looking to purchase a bar with bearings in the sleeves, something that spins half decent and is 28-29mm thick, preferably under 250 bucks. Anyone know where I can buy one? I'm in Calgary, checked out a couple places but all I've seen is shit 30mm bars for 100ish bucks.


You've probably tried Fitness Depot. They show this Olympic bar on their website, but it's $340:


Play It Again stores will sometimes have some decent used equipment. What about Craigslist or Kijiji?

Toronto Weightlifting has excellent equipment, but it's really pricey. Their Kanama Male Training Bar (20 kg) is $690!


Foremost Fitness in Toronto is worth a call:


Weights are retardedly expensive in canada. Over a buck a pound for used plates!!!

So if you find a good deal, be sure to update this thread.


Well I did check fitness depot but did not see that bar when I was there in person. It's a bit more than I want to pay too. I have tried kijiji and craigslist, and I did score a sweet deal on some plates off there, and have even picked up a couple bars, but neither have bearings in them.


I think they've gone up quite a bit even since last year, I bought some new ones last fall for around 80ish cents/lb at fitness depot, not sure what they cost now. My best deal was on kijiji though, I picked up a few hundred lbs for 33 cents/lb, however that was a rare find.