Purchasing a 5 Way Rogers Neck Machine


I am purchasing a like new Rogers 5 way neck for 500.00
Is this good price?
Thank you

Umm, how strong do you need your neck to be?

I want a 19-20 inch solid neck and big muscular delts.

How big are you currently…? Those are rather incredible numbers to be aiming for.

Mike Tyson had a 20" neck, for example. It’s also a XXXXXL size shirt…

danphunter, $500.00 for a Rogers Pendulum 5-way Neck is an outstanding deal. A new one is over 2 grand. It is THE BEST neck machine on the market, hands down. The adjustable starting points on the cam for 4 way neck are great for training the head and neck. And the Shrug is leveraged so you don’t need much weight to train it hard. I have one in my basement and use it religiously.

I have an 18.5 inch neck right now.
202 ibs
12% bf

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Severe Sleep Apnea seems like a weird thing to wish for!!!

Are we really kink shaming on a bodybuilding forum?

Not really, I have almost a 20" neck and am not a 5X (but do have to buy shirts with longer than average sleeve lengths).

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