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Purchased Beyond 5/3/1 Which Version Recommended to Get the Taste of It?

Hi All,

Just purchased the book and been reading through first 50 pages or so. I have been doing my own program in the gym but going to take off a couple of days and during these next 3 weeks give it a try to see how my body “feels” as I need to leave for biz for about 2 weeks and not sure I have access to a barbell gym and spend many hours on convention floor/driving.

I am 53 soon to be 54 and used to higher volume but lower weights. My goals are still at my age to get bigger and stronger. Yes I want it all and from what I read really dig the way it is laid out.

So for the basic older gym rat who has done barbell work more along the 5x5 or 5x3 plans, which variation would you say give me a really good feel and fits my needs best?

On a side note, when life gets in the way what do you guys do on or getting back from two weeks where can not do the plan? Have not finished the book but is there an answer other than just find a gym?

Thanks for reading and looking forward to getting started.


Hi John, you’ve got me by a couple of years but I very recently switched to the 2x2x2 program. It’s an extremely flexible program, and really allows you to focus on quality of life from a mobility, conditioning, strength and time standpoint.

Also it would allow for essentially missing two weeks in the gym, without sacrificing any part of the program

Train 3 days/week - on a 9 day rotation.

5’s PRO - 5x5 @ FSL
25-50 reps of all three assistance categories each workout.

Works like a charm.

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