Purchase Anxiety?

So I’m usually not very cheap when it comes to spreading the wealth if you will but I have alot of anxiety when making big purchases. Even when I have plenty of money to spend I hesitate to spend it because I feel like I wont be happy with what I get. For example I am trying to find a good laptop for 500-700 and Ive found some apparently great computers (i dont know much more than basic stuff to look for).

Right now im using a $300 laptop that is actually pretty nice, good speed etc. I dont have a lot of music and dont take many pics or stuff like that. My biggest disappointment so far has been the total failure experience when trying to play counter strike. So even though ive found great computers… I hesitate to buy one because some how I think I wont be happy even though they are considerable better than this one. This computer is my brothers, so I do need my own.

Anyone else get the same feelings when buying stuff?

One more question. Anyone know a good website for learning the ins and outs of computers in general?

If you want something for games, get a desktop. They’re cheaper and easier to upgrade.

Yeah, I do too - but, that’s why I spend hours and hours researching to find something that will best suite what I need. I learnt from my mistakes before of not doing enough research and then being uphappy with what I bought.

Can’t suggest any sites, I always say learn through experience, but hanging around sites links tomshardware.com will give you some insight into what’s good and what isn’t.

Ive done a bit of research and know what I should get for the price etc but I always feel like its missing something. Ive found one or two laptops Id buy but they were sold out =(

I used to. Now, I’m pretty good at figuring out what I want, searching for the best price, then pulling the trigger. Like RSGZ, I will put a lot of time into figuring it out. I just ordered some components for a new computer and a bad ass 23" monitor the other day. I spent about 8 hrs figuring out what I really wanted and what was the best deal at my price point.

The only thing I’m pissed I bought was a Glock retail at a gun shop only to find I could have got it for about $100 cheaper w/ night sights.

I would get a desk top (im currently trying to figure out whats wrong with the one I have ) but I need a laptop because im in college and need to be able to set up shop in the library and stuff like that. I also like being able to lay down with my comp and stuff. lol.