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Purchase Advice for Bands?



I hope you guys can help me. I am interested in buying bands for e.g deadlift, bench press, leg press and more:)
I can deadlift 200kg and bench press 140kg.
What level of band should I buy?
Here is the chart of the band strenght.

power test 25% 50% 100% 150% 200%
Level 1 3.37 kg 5.08 kg 7.73 kg 9.62 kg 11.73 kg
Level 2 5.58 kg 8.53 kg 12.55 kg 15.85 kg 19.28 kg
Level 3 8.78 kg 12.78 kg 18.78 kg 23.57 kg 28.37 kg
Level 4 12.35 kg 18.55 kg 27.32 kg 34.37 kg 40.75 kg
Level 5 16.00 kg 25.03 kg 36.67 kg 46.78 kg 56.03 kg
Level 6 21.42 kg 32.60 kg 47.38 kg 56.42 kg 72.23 kg

thanks in advance


I've never seen them rate by level before... I use the Rogue / EliteFTS mini's or average bands which are 100lbs or less, but I typically use them for higher rep work more than anything (I don't use them regularly). My deadlift and bench are a little lower than yours.


I have a whole bunch of mini bands. You can always just add another one to increase the spring rate. I have a set going all the way up to monster bands (200+ pounds I think) and I don't see a point in the larger ones anymore. They generally sell packages of the little ones. I personally would just get a bunch of those.


thank you for your answers! Yes its a good idea to buy lighter ones and just use more bands for a stronger resistance. If I want to start with 1 band strength type, would you say i should buy a band with 5-20kg resistance ( 12lbs -44lbs) or a 8-28kg band ( 18-60 lbs).

Thanks for answers:)


I'd go 8-28 kg but no higher. I stupidly went and got some that go up to 45 kg and while they're cool for low rep bench work for a short cycle there's no way I could use them for squats or DL (my bench is pretty weak at 115 with lift-out and 110 kg without; my squat and DL are OK for my weight with less than a year of powerlifting: 210 kg (wraps) and 227.5 kg at 88-89 kg). Live and learn I guess.


thanks the 8-28 bands are perfect.


When I bought bands I was pumped to use the biggest bands and just kill it......... didn't happen. I bought my bands from elite fts.

I bought mini to strong, I use the mini and the monster minis, I use the light bands every now and then, but mainly the mini and monster mini.

The medium and strong bands just look cool hanging off my rack but NEVER get used. I deadlift 415lbs, squat 315lbs, bench 225lbs.

My advice is, if you want to buy the level 3 band, also buy level 2 and 4 so you can feel the difference and see what you like and can handle.
Bands are awesome though, have fun with your purchase.