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Puppy Seperation Anxiety

Hey T-peeps,

I really need some advice for my 10 month old chihuaha/jack russell who suffers from seperation anxiety. She has really grown attached to my wife and everytime my wife leaves, our puppy starts to cry and I mean CRY!(and it breaks my heart). If my wife leaves for an hour it’s one hour of constant crying, 2 hours is just absolute hell for the puppy.

We started leaving the house 15 min. and have slowly moved it to 60 min. increments. When we return she’s at the door crying and scratching. We haven’t really gone out (movies,dinner,etc.) because we feel guilty leaving her alone.

Any advice on how to better deal with this situation is welcome and many thanks in advance.


The first couple links are totally decent.



I would check the professional links first since my advice worked for me but I have never recommended to anybody else. I have a pitbull who has the same problem so what I did was condition her to not think me leaving was so bad. Everytime, no matter how long I was gone, I would leave her a treat on the couch. then once she jumped up to get it I walked out the door. soon she became conditioned and everytime i got my jacket or went to the door, she would jump onto the couch and wait for her treat. my neighbors report that she doesn’t bark anymore. sometimes I also leave the t.v. on for her since the voices make her feel like she is not alone.

Sancho, we have the exact same kind of dog! He used to have the same problem too. How long have you had her? Does she cry when you guys leave the room too? My wife suggests maybe putting her in a separate room and seeing what she does, instead of leaving the house all together. Also, she can probably hear you come home, which may be why she starts scratching and whining; she excited to see her mommy and daddy! I would say make sure she has enough toys when you leave too, a Kong with some wet dog food or peanut butter frozen in it overnight will keep her occupied for a bit. Let me know how else we can help!

To-Shin Do

Thank you guys very much for the advice! I didn’t realize that there is a whole bunch of stuff we haven’t tried yet.

ToShinDo, this dog while not the most macho dog, is the smartest dog I’ve ever owned. She is also the most stubborn dog. We’ve had her approximately 7 months, and she is like our furry kid!

I just read the 10 second rule thread and I LOL!!@ your entry. That’s exactly my dog too!

Once again thank you all for the replies.

You own a Taco Bell dog?

lol j/k Bro


Get another dog. I have two ridgebacks and they have got to be some of the most independent dogs I’ve ever known. Could be the breed though, due to the fact that I get 10x’s more affection from other peoples dog’s then I do my own. They’re a “unique breed”. I realize however this may not be a viable option, just a suggestion.

BTW if any other T-Men are owners of a pair of ridgies and know them to be somewhat aloof I’d like to know.

Here’s another little suggestion. Don’t worry about it soo much. Eventually the dog will firgure it out.

Yes, my dog is almost too smart. He knows the sound of cheese being unwrapped or the sound of the cabinet that his treats are in. We can’t say the word “outside” without him getting all crazy. His main vice is trash eating, he loves it! I tried dumping some sprinkles of hot sauce in there to deter him. Eventually he realized he could chew around the little green dots of pain, and still get the good stuff. He knows that it’s bad to have trash all over the floor, so he tends to hide from me (the punisher) when he does it. My favorite thing was one time we had thrown away a sour cream container at the top of a full can of trash. The dog came walking in to the living room with a white moustache of sour cream on his face, completely unconcerned with my “you’re in trouble” gaze. I went into the kitchen to check the damage and saw that he had stood up and licked the inside of the tub clean. Since it never left the can, he didn’t see a problem with it. He figured like “No blood, no foul” his rule was “No trash, no trouble.” So, I couldn’t yell at him since he didn’t make a mess. Post a pic of your dog sometime!

To-Shin Do

Here is a pic of Darwin, my wife says he’s the cutest dog ever.

We usually leave the radio on for our pup and a treat for him when we go. He’s pretty well trained for a young fella (6 months) so we’ve not had too many prbs. Once he was toilet trained it was all good.

You should try showing the dog some more attention, playing with it, walks and treats etc so it’s not so fixated on your wife. It sounds like you guys are coddling it something fierce. Whilst little and cute, puppy’s are tougher than you think!

Dave, I knew you would be the first to bust my chops;)

ToShinDo, I showed my wife the pic of Darwin. She did that, you know that"OOOh my God how cute!!" thing that girls shatter your eardrums with.

We went out yesterday to get some treats for the pup. So,I really think we are all prepared.

And hopefully, T.C. doesn’t see this thread. He’ll revoke our T-nation membership, cuz we’re talking about cute little puppies!!:wink:

Thank you all for the tips!!

[quote]Sancho wrote:

And hopefully, T.C. doesn’t see this thread. He’ll revoke our T-nation membership, cuz we’re talking about cute little puppies!!:wink:


Puppies are the only acceptable things for men to gush over…well, except for Hooter’s Girls and such.

Likewise, the only thing men are allowed to cry over is a screening of “Old Yeller.”

My dog does the cheeze wrapper thing and the outside thing. She is a complete spazz. She doesn’t cry when I leave but she does get sad. I mean she really physically gets sad. She sits down by the door whenever I get my jacket on and she just puts on this big sad pout face. Of course when I pull in the driveway She comes running up to the door and as soon as I open the car door she goes nutso and jumps and does circles untill I can run in and tackle her.

Dogs have got to be the best companions for a t-man in the world. Truly the most loyal and noble creatures.

Vegita ~ Prince of all Sayajins

where do you keep the dog at night and how much time do you spend with it during the day?

Puppies need attention but if you give them all the attention you want to many times they become heart broken every time you leave the room. Crate training works, not sure how well on your breed mostly done it/seen it done with sporting breeds.


Alright guys, enough talk. Lets see some pics!

nuff said…

[quote]Vegita wrote:
Dogs have got to be the best companions for a t-man in the world. Truly the most loyal and noble creatures.

I couldn’t agree with you more Vegita!!!

It’s been a little over a week now and things seem to be getting better. We were just giving the puppy just waaaayyyy too much attention. It was hard not to make a big deal when we came home. The puppy would just be so excited to see us! And when we left we didn’t say goodbye we just left treats for her and that seems to have done the trick!

I’ll post some pics up of my weasel as soon as I get a digital cam.

Dave Barr, what breed are those pics you posted. That little guy looks totally comfy with mom/pops.

Damn iluminatae(Dave), you got one mean pussy there!!:wink:

This is our other dog, Axl. Unfortunately, he’s kind of a retard and thinks that he’s an elephant.

To-Shin Do

This is Fozzy, she’s the best dog in the whole world. We love her to peices. She’s a Sheppard Collie cross, but she has the most adorable floppy ears. She is very headstrong though, and we’ve gone through all sorts of misbehavin over the last three years. We have had to take a consistently strict approach with her which is hard because those big sad eyes can manipulate me every time.

The very best thing we ever did was enroll her in puppy kindergarten when she was six months old. My husband took her and still spends time working on the training aspect several times a week. He also read an excellent book about raising a dog called “Good Owners, Great Dogs” but I can’t remember who it is by.

my fiancee’s dog CJ, I think I have ya beat: