Puppy Help

I just got a rottweiler puppy and he’s only 4 wks old. Didn’t realize he was this young till I got him home and seen his papers.

A lady at the pet store said he sounded like he had a respiratory infection.

He does breathe heavy and hard at times and his heart is racing but i figured he was just a puppy so like kids he had a higher respiratory rate and heart rate. Appreciat any explanation Thanks

Maybe get him checked out, but I wouldn’t worry about it. Puppies are just like kids they have smaller hearts so they have to pump faster.

And just like babies they have their phases. I had a great dane puppy that had a phase were she wouldn’t stop running for about a month. She also had a stage where she just slept like a log all day long. I also saw her stage were she would be rambunctious when I was and when I was calm she would sleep.

I’m not the dog whisperer but I am guessing that your puppy is just excited because it is in a new place and it is a baby.

Find a vet you like. you will there quite some times over the years. Dogs are much too curious to avoid getting in trouble.

A puppy that’s 4 weeks needs it’s mothers milk, regardless what dogfoodmanufacturers say, dog food don’t even come close to milk. If possible let it stay another 3-4 weeks with it’s mother.

The petshop shouldn’t sell a dog that they suspect is sick in any way, let them pay for the vet. It might cause complications later when it grows up, better to be safe then sorry. And your dog deserves the best start it can get.

Good luck. You won’t regret buying a dog, they’re absolutely great.

At 4 weeks the puppy should have never been taken from its mother! 8 weeks is when you start thinking of selling dogs.

Another red light from your post is “pet store”. Pet stores are the devil of dog selling. Most never have the dog’s best interest at heart. I encourage people to get their dogs from real breeders or adopt from pounds. Petfinder.com has plenty of rotties that need good homes. You’ve probably fell in love with the dog but do what’s smart.

My 2 cents: take the puppy back, get your money back, go to petfinder.com to find the dog or puppy of your dreams.

If the pet store gives you any crap about bringing the dog back, tell them you’ll contact the Better Business Bureau and cite the inappropriate age of the dog, and the unsanitary conditions you’ve seen at the store(make shit up to scare the fuck out of them).

yeah, your dog is way too young. puppies that young do breath hard and have a fast heart beat though.

as mentioned before, find a vet. tell them the age of the dog, if the seller won’t put it back with the mother for a few weeks ask for suggestions on how to best feed the dog. don’t give him food yet. maybe some warm milk or even baby formula.

give him lots of attention. right now he should be with his siblings 24/7 playing, staying warm getting used to the world etc.

give him warm bedding to make up for his lack of sibling warmth.

i think it’s cool you got him from a pet store. the dogs often are abused and neglected and you rescued this one much like you would have from the pound.