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Punk Kids

i can’t stand these “punk kids” who are skinny, weigh about 135, and wear wife-beaters while trying to bench 315 with 3 spotters (who of course are doing all the work). i see them everyday at the gym and everyday they are wasting someone elses valuable time while using the bench press. wait, sometimes i see them doing bicep curls. lately i’ve been seeing more and more of this crap…i kind of want to tell them that they are pussies who couldn’t even put up 225 for 3 good reps if they tried. i hate coming into the gym on my chest day and seeing these douche-bags taking up a bench…making me wait. well, i just wanted to vent. anyone have these losers working out in their gym?

I used to see these geekos when I worked out at the World Gym. I don’t see them anymore though. My gym now has only incredibly cut muscular hunks of manhood in it. I have a gym in my basement. :slight_smile:

Yes there are these guys at every gym. Just figure out which days they are in there and squat on that day instead of bench. You can always do dumbell bench, standing overheads, etc. instead of bench.

Nothing like stereotyping kids as punks. :wink: no i know what your talking about but as i’m still a ‘young punk’ i thought i’d stick up for myself and fellow ‘young punks’. Actually, I can’t stand them either, I see so much stupid stuff in the gym I lift at I just shake my head and continue doing my stuff.It’s usually no use talking to them, I just hope they see me and start following my examples, but i doubt it.

oh yeah, i forgot about all those punks struttin’ in their tank tops and wife-beaters with Extended Lat Syndrome when they barely can bench a plate. i don’t like them either.

I actually find the older ignorant ‘punks’ more offensive and just as abundant. At least the young ‘punks’ have age / inexperience as an excuse :slight_smile:

I find it’s best to just walk up and move their buddies out of the way and say you’ve got the spot. DON’T TOUCH THE DAMN BAR UNTIL THEY ARE PURPLE. Inevitably after flopping around like that fish at the end of the “EPIC” video they clear out.

I get really tired of you guys taking cheap shots at us punks you seem to think we are lightweights, you just don’t know the truth so I’m going to set you straight.

The Lat syndrome you talk about is really working the medial deltoids with extreme time under tension and using gravity assist only, we are walking around looking for a gravity anomaly that will give us an increase in resistance without having to resort using those big heavy steel things.

The three you called spotters were not spotters, they were trying to free up equipment as fast as possible so the three guys were doing vertical rows and the guy on the bench was the spotter.

You guys just don’t know team techniques, if you did you would know that with a larger group you can do your workout without sweating or getting tired and sore and using right supplements you can get just huge by only looking at those heavy steel things with high intensity.

I am one of these ‘Losers.’

I’m a “punk kid.” Shoot me? I don’t sit around having three guys spot for me so I can look cool, though. But, don’t stereotype. I know what you mean though. I had a couple weeks of weightlifting in in gym one year of highs chool, where the gym teacher “taught us” how to lift weights. It was a joke. I remember seeing all these “hard” football players benching 200 with the help of a couple other of thier footbal player buds, thinking they were tough shit. All I could do was, well, laugh.

I am with Bodyguard on this one. I hate the older ingorant punks in the gym! There is three or four older guys in the gym i workout at, who think they are exercise gurus. God forbid a youngster (24 yrs. old) like me should try to correct their horribly INCORRECT techniques/form or update them on the lifting routines of the 80’s and later. There is one older guy at my gym that ONLY does free-weight bench presses for his chest (on mon. and thurs!!) I have been watching him lift the SAME EXACT weight for the last 6 months!! But hey… he is older and wiser. he knows what he is doing! LOL!!

haha, it’s the same think in all gym.


That’s for this thread, I can now vent.

I’m only 19, so I could take offense at this thread, but I’m not going to, because I read T-mag and plan my workouts in advance, and look after my diet, so I’m free from abuse.

We have had a gand of punk kids at my gym recently, about 6-8 of them, and they get in everyone’s way. The come in all shapes and size, fat, skinny, tall, short, but none have a clue about how to train. They use the bench press everytime they come in, about 4 at a time, trying to lift weights which are above their 1RM, while their spotters have to pull it off their chest. Considering our gym is badly equipped, and they use the bench press for 30 minutes at a time, every time, it pisses everyone off.

I've never seen them do any leg work, and I've seen them all about 10 times, on various days of the week. No squats, deadlifts, leg extensions, or calf raises. I've never sen ab work either. All they do is bench and bicep curl. Ocassionally, one will do some pull-ups, WITH A BELT! And lat pull-downs, WITH A BELT. What a joke.

It doesn’t bother me that they are weak, everyone has to start somewhere, and I’m not exceptionally strong. I pisses me off that they are so badly educated and will never ever bother to learn anything about how to make themselves stronger/faster/leaner. Their ignorance is an insult.

To his credit, there is one kid, about 16 years old, who has broken off from the crew decided to train more intelligently than them, and incorporates some sit-ups, and dips into his workout. It’s not perfect, but he makes an effort, and doesn’t spend 90% of his time there talking so he doesn’t have to use any energy lifting weights.

There’s this guy at my gym that has been doing the same routine every single fucking time I see him…incline bench, flat bench, shoulder press, skull crusher, barbell curl. Every fucking time. For 3 years. Funny thing is, he’s using progressively less weight…I remember 150 on the incline, now hes putting up about 115. Big loser.

hey Nathan…glad you didn’t take offense to the thread i posted, it wasn’t intended to offend anyone actually. my guess is that anyone who reads this mag. isn’t retarded enough to lift how i described the so-called “punk kids” at my gym. my bet is that these guys skim through “Flex” magazine and see all the juiced up guys benching in the pictorials and decide thats the only exercise they need to do, either that or they had some seriously misguided football coaches. oh…and incidently one of the kids in the group went for a different look yesterday…instead of the typical wife-beater he decided to wear an Under Armor shirt (it is made out of lycra and is supposed to be skin tight), the shirt was baggy on him. he looked huge, let me tell ya.

Yep, I agree, Wife beater T’s should be reserved for Trailer parks and Springer shows…not the gym!

What does a wife-beater T-shirt look like? I’ve never heard the name before.

The “Wife Beater” is a regular white ribbed tank-top type undershirt. To complete the picture, add underarm stains, food and beer stains on the front, and make it too short to cover a protruding beer gut. Usually seen in trailer parks and backwoods redneck shacks.

Personally, I don’t care what these kids wear to the gym, how sloppy their form is, or what their routine looks like. What gets me pissed is the “fake tough” attitude that seems to ooze from some of them like sewer gas. I have one of these fine young Americans living in the apartment above me. After our last little, uh, “encounter”, the guy won’t even make eye contact with me. There is a difference between self confidence and false cockiness borne from insecurity. And it’s easy to spot. I blame Kid Rock.

Yep, the wife-beater T does have it’s place on one of the punk kids at my gym, so show off his arms, which he thinks are massive. I think he only wears pants to hide his chicken legs, which have never seen any form of exercise in 18 years.