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Punishment for PCT Goods?

AAS are schedule III, but what would happen if a package with just PCT type goods was popped open by a customs agent? Such as Nolvadex, HCG, etc etc? Obviously without a prescription possession is illegal, but these are otherwise legal products with prescription. I’m just curious as to what would happen in this case. Would it still be seized unless notification of a prescription was sent to the customs office? Actually I can make some guesses but I seriously have no idea!

Does anyone know how this works?

I’m no complete expert but this is how I understand this.

There is really no federal laws you are going to have to worry about if these items are found by customs.

However, Some states have more or less severe laws regarding this, from what I understand some states have HCG in the same schedules as steriods.

Someone I know lives in Indiana, from what I understand it is illegal to posses any prescription drug without a valid prescription. Granted it isn’t quite the same penalty that getting busted with a steriod is.

But, in the rare event that customs tipped of your local law enforcement you could get in trouble. I imagine the size of the order could have a lot to do with this.

BTW most everything for PCT can be aquired through domestic research chemical providers with the exception of HCG.

HCG can be found through domestic sources if you look hard enough as well. Finally most amature AAS users probably don’t even require HCG use after the cycle.