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Punisher Short Film

Thomas Jane presented a Punisher short film at Comic-Con. 10mins of awesome,imo.
Marvel…give this man another shot at a film…please.


you have just made my day, thank you so much.

just got the chills! so fired up for a new movie! hope its not like the second movie tho, but thomas jane has yet to disappoint me in a movie this far :stuck_out_tongue:

I would honestly say that a new jane led punisher movie would give me a bigger boner than the dark knight rises right now!

Jane was by far my favorite Punisher out of the three. I would love to see a new movie with him in it.

wow i have a large erection…

Awesome, this time, would be an understatement.

Thanks for that, Boss!

OMG never seen a bottle of JACK used that way. LOL THOMAS JANE kicks ass as the PUNISHER,

Jane did an awesome job with this short; he demonstrated a full understanding of all things Frank Castle in the span of 10 minutes. Between #DIRTYLAUNDRY and finding out that Marvel Studios reacquired the film rights for The Punisher, I really want to see what he’d do as writer/director of a feature-length Punisher movie. Thanks for posting the vid, Boss.

Jane was good in “Hung” as well. At least the first season (I never saw the 2nd season because I dumped HBO after the first).


Oh, fucking yes.

Needz movie.

The reason Thomas Jane didn’t return for a Punisher sequel was that he wanted to make a grittier, harder edged sequel. Lion’s Gate had other ideas. Part of the problem was that Jane had gotten into the comics by the time his first stint as Frank Castle was released and he knew what the fans wanted wasn’t what Lion’s Gate were going to give them (he went on to co-create the comic Bad Planet, so he’d been bitten by the bug by then).

Apparently, the short isn’t officially sanctioned by Marvel; it’s a self-produced fan film from Jane himself.
This could be his attempt to show Marvel that The Punisher is a viable property - when done right.

The last I heard was that the rights had reverted to Marvel, but Fox(!) had optioned a Punisher TV series. Plans for that fell through recently. I don’t know where that leaves the movie rights, but they seem to be developing a Hulk series independently of the movie incarnation, so maybe Marvel still have the movie rights.

They also have Blade back in their stable, and I hope they’ll let Snipes reprise the role, and Jane as Castle.

Obvious punisher is obvious…epic

That was amazing, it would be awesome if Marvel made this.

Jane was awesome in the 2004 Punisher movie, the problem IMO was Travolta’s villain and a shitty script.

I think the problem with the Punisher is that it will have to be R rated, and R rated movies just don’t make the stacks of cash PG-13 movies make.

Jane made that? I’ve always liked the guy as an actor, but I just gained a whole new respect for him. That was incredible.

[quote]WhiteFlash wrote:
Jane made that? I’ve always liked the guy as an actor, but I just gained a whole new respect for him. That was incredible.[/quote]

This x2. I really did like that punisher movie that he took part in, and I wish he would of done the others. I started watching the 2nd one and turned it off not even 30min in, just din’t appeal to me for some reason.

Hey that’s the dude from Hung!

Great way to start the day. Thanks Boss

[quote]Cuso wrote:
Great way to start the day. Thanks Boss[/quote]
+1 thanks man

Fucking awesome!