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Punish Them! Sell Their Toys on eBay!



Short of it:

Kids played with a certain type of toy in the bath tub. This would ruin the tub because paint from the toys would come off.

Mom gets pissed and puts toys up for sale on eBay. Mom ALSO takes a PICTURE of her kids crying about it, and posts the picture in the auction.

(Spoiler: bidders tear her a new asshole)



If the mom's hot, I would also tear her a new asshole. I would hold her gaping asshole open with my fingers after I jizz a major load into her guts and have her slurp up the cum and ass juice dripping out.
Pics of the woman in question please?


EDIT: Goddamn massive picture. Click on it or open a new window or something to be able to read it, it's a related 4chan conversation.


OK with selling the toys to cover damages (not quite sure about her oversight of the situation).

Not okay with publicly shaming kids or not understanding how that was going to back-fire. I am generally suspicious of those who seek justification for their actions from the public-at-large. Especially with kids, you need to know why you are doing something before you do it and if it is appropriate.


That mom is awesome.



This bitch will be on Oprah or The View and get high fives from her chubby stay at home sisters, then get one child psychologist who tells her she was wrong and how she scarred her kids, then she'll break down on national TV and say that parenting is tough, she misses going out with friends, she's gained weight because she can't get out of the house, and that her situation is because her husband doesn't help out with the kids....then EVERYONE will sympathize with her, Oprah will buy her a vacation to a tropical resort and a Jillian Michaels DVD with gift certificates to a Zumba class, and the sisterhood will stand up in solidarity and share stories of how their husbands don't help with the kids.

EDIT: And THEN a new term will be coined for weight gain that "results" from the husband/father not helping with the kids (something snide/clever/emasculating/degrading to men), so that these women can feel better about themselves. Because if it's not your thyroid, it must be the man's fault that you gained weight.

And Jenny Craig herself--actually, her skinny stunt double--will walk onto stage and offer to visit the woman in her home, with Oprah's executive chef, and plan/cook her a few meals so she learns to cook (because she never knew how...because the kids "demand" to have 100 calorie snack packs and Lunchables)


Because YOU don't know the whole story. I have donated my kids stuff before.

Do you have kids or have you seen kids who show no appreciation for the things they have? Have you seen what a spoiled rotten kids acts like who feels entitled to everything that comes to their mind?

Good on the Mom, but I don;'t think the shaming of them was appropriate....but, don't you think they will come out of this with an appreciation for the things they have?


I read your article. It said that the metal toys destroyed the tub over time. Don't you think they were told to refrain from using those in the tub as stated in the article? Yes she should have taken them away before it got to this point, but it was not an innocent thing. The kids knew the mom did not want that stuff in the tub...but they did it anyway. Fault is on both sides.


Mom is awesome for educating her children that there are consequences in life.


Hold on. For clarification, I am FINE with her selling the toys. I am fine with punishment fitting the crime. I am NOT ok with taking their pictures and posting it publicly like that. Pictures of them crying? That's despicable and she shouldn't get "half credit" for that shit. You fucked up a good example of punishment by going what I consider to be too far (posting pictures).

Yes, I have seen plenty of kids like that. My mom did it to my brother, my relatives have done it to their kids. I am fine with it. I'm not ok with the added production of public shaming. That's extremely juvenile and just shows a cruel side to the mother; she's obviously trying to get high fives from parents who've experienced the same with their children, and she's trying to be a "pioneer."

Fuck that bitch.


This should be framed





The internet is not for kids




We need a little more public humiliation these days for people who do what they shouldn't. Bet they don't ever play with their toys in the bathtub again.