Punctured Vial - Unsafe to Use Now?

Sorry if this is a dumb question. Today I used a blunt-head draw needle (18G) on a fresh vial of Testosterone, which has a self-healing rubber stopper. I normally withdraw with a normal, “pointy” draw needle. Today’s draw needle had a difficult time going in, but I eventually jammed it in there. It now looks like it healed, but when I turn it over, a little bit of the medicine dribbles out.

Have I ruined the sterility of this vial? If so I want to make sure to not use it again (I have enough to do so, the cost isn’t a big issue) – but I just hate to waste good stuff.

If its leaking its probably exposed. Your risk of infection is probably low but if you wanted to be 100% sure you should toss it. (In before “just lick it clean you will be fine don’t be a pussy. Just don’t wipe your filthy cock on it.”)

It’s fine. Keep in a zip-lock bag or some other measure to reduce flowing air and keep it upright and away from light.