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Punching Power

Does anyone know the average punching power of boxers per weight class? Me and my buddies always wanted to know how hard a flyweight boxer hit, or if they hit harder than we could. How much power does an average 180 lbs. man have?

uh, tell ya what. Go to a boxing gym and let the different weight class boxers punch you in the face. See if you can tell the difference. Lemme know how it goes.

i’ll put it to you like this:an average flyweight would knockout the biggest nfl lineman

and, uh, yeah, they can hit harder than you, trust me.

I think it’s a good question. I want to know heavy weights though. :wink:

“I once punched a punching machine so hard I broke it.”

A classic quote from some lame ass loser who posted on the forum quite a long time ago. Hope someone else remembers this besides me.
:slight_smile: Groove

I don’t but that doesn’t mean it’s still not a stupid statement. 125 ppsi for middleweight. Nahh…I’m just bullshitin I don’t know.

Groove, he may have been talking about his hand.

Flyweights hit really fucking hard. That’s what they do. It’s their job.

I doubt a flyweight hits harder than an NFL lineman. Look at Bob Sapp in K-1. Granted, he is a shitty fighter, but the motha bitch is huge, but doesn’t punch very well. Put a flyweight up against him, and Sapp will kill him.

well if any of you watched rocky 4 lately from that factual movie it was around 1000 some kind of units. Remeber the juiced russian was punching the machine. There is your answer 1000.

Yeah Groove, I remember that post.

Heck, didn’t you go around with that as your location for a couple of months?


Anyone who knows the proper mechanics for punching will hit damn hard.

a 130 lbder who knows how to effectively put his weight behind a punch will hit harder than a 180 lb guy who uses only his arm.

Sapp’s arm probably weighs 120 lbs which is why he can club pretty well :slight_smile:

you wouldnt run a mac truck into a volkswagon. of course sapp would kill a flyweight, all he’d have to do is get a hold of him, but that wasnt the intent of my statement. i gaurantee that the average flyweight would knockout the average lineman. these guys punch everyday,all day. they’re designed to hit and hit hard.
whoever wrote that ‘i broke the punchin machine’ statement is a fuckin G.
yall be good, flash

Yahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Stu remembers. hehehe I sure did go around with that as my location.
And demo he was talking about the machine not his hand. He was trying to show off.
:slight_smile: Groove

Yeah, I remember that too. Excellent quote.

The average flyweight can’t knock out another flyweight, let alone a 250+ lineman.

There is a point where you have to have some mass behing that punch to do some damage.

If you don’t know how to box you’ll get your ass kicked by a flyweight. I don’t care who you are. (I’m talking boxing rules only)

I’ll tell you a story about a powerlifter friend of mine. My friend is about 270, I once seen him get into a fight with a man out in a parking lot and he grabbed the man by the seat of his pants and by the back of a his shirt and slammed him head first into a car door. I seen big guys in clubs punch him directly in the face and not once did I see him go down.

I asked him one day if anyone had ever beat his ass in a fight and that’s when he told me the story.

He said the worst ass kicking he ever took was by a guy that was about 5’6 125lbs. He said the guy hit him three times, once in the stomach, then in the throat, then in the face. My friend said next thing he knew he was just sitting on his ass with a blood running out of his nose and a look of shock on his face. The guy that he got into a fight with turned out a be a pretty good boxer.

It is true the more mass you have behind your punches the more “potential” you have for throwing power punches… but in the end you still have to KNOW have to punch. Almost every NFL player that decided to enter to the world of boxing was a complete failure. They though they could punch hard just because of their size… they ever really learned how to punch. I bet you that most flyweights could move a heavy bag around a lot more than the untrained NFL lineman or pro bodybuilder.

Kinetic Energy = 1/2 MV^2 so yeah, both mass and velocity are important but the latter far more so.

Triple the mass behind a strike and you’ll triple the kinetic energy - triple the velocity and you get 9 times the energy.

Compare the effect of a rapid but light bullet with that of a very slowly reversing truck.

This explains how small guys can hit so hard but if you’re up against a big guy who is also fast, look out.

Other reasons velocity is so important too - if you’re too slow you’re not even going to land a strike no matter how much mass you’ve got in it.

Perhaps the manufacturer of one of those measuring devices could provide data?

If you’re really curious you could call and ask…

The truck vs bullet example is flawed. Why? Surface area. In other words pounds per square inch. But I get what you mean Mookjong. :wink: