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Punching Bags

I love the punching bag. Blame my hot tempered mind for it. Besides the reasons I like to workout on it, what does it work? Does it work your traps a good deal? Call me crazy but after a few weeks of working out on the punching bag (Movement while doing : 50 right jabs, 50 left jabs, 50 right hooks, and 50 left hooks) I could notice my traps looking bigger and better. Just wondering what exactly I’m working on. I just like to do it for the slight cardio workout I get.

If your traps feel fatigued, then you are probably using improper form. It’s a very common mistake among newer boxers to shrug their shoulders up when their hands are up. Next time you go for the punching bag, relax your shoulders; there should be no tension in youur body until you strike.

If you stay loose, you’ll punch harder and conserve energy. Of course if you don’t plan on boxing and all you care about is cardio/fun this isn’t really all that important.

He’s right, if you aren’t that into boxing and its more for fun and all i wouldn’t bother with it too much. Although i still think it’d be best to learn the techniques down. Check out rossboxing.com…and go to The Gym…he has some good articles on programs for getting in shape and all. It’s actually a good site and has good info, check it out.

dl- where will you go today

This site is on the cutting edge of punch bag techniques, http://fitness4living.co.uk/punchbag.htm