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Punching bags

I’m thinking of getting myself a punching bag or something of that sort. Problem is, my place is spanking new and i can’t exactly start drilling holes in the floor or celling to mount one, nor do i have any trees around my house to hang one on. Does anyone know of alternative methods that don’t require doing any damage to my surroundings? :slight_smile: I’m open to all suggestions as usual.

I have a 100 lb heavy bag (and a speed bag that I don’t use) that are on a stand. No drilling involved. I think the whole package sells for around $190 at G I Joes. There’s always the water-filled base type. Lots of options.

There is a free standing bag that is water filled and is called either the wave or wavemaster. They had one in my old gym and it didn’t take up much space and never leaked any water. No hook-ups to any wall/ceiling. It just moved around a little from all of the hits. I’ll let you know if I can find more info. on it if you’re interested.

You can get several variations of heavybags from Century that have a base that fills with sand or water for stability. I bought one that has a top that is a rubber mold of a person. Its pretty cool its like hitting a person. Just be ready for the jokes from friends about it being a sex doll. I’m sure they have a website. Most major sporting goods stores carry them. They range from $99-$199 U.S. on sale.

There are free standing metal frames that stand on the floor from which you can hang a bag. For starters, check out www.everlastboxing.com or http://store.titleboxing.com and click on heavy bags. They do have a huge price range so shop around.

This question was on the forums a few weeks ago. The consensus from the people who actually use them from what I could tell are the hanging ones are better and the ones that use a base filled with sand or water or whatever weren’t as good. Type boxing into the forum search subject and see if I’m misinterpreting…

You could try getting one of those doorframe chin-up bars and hanging a bag off of that.

Century bags are good if you need something quick and inexpensive. If you desire more for your buck and want something sturdier, go to ringside.com. Go to “specialty bags” and you’ll see a Free Standing Heavy Bag for $279.